Thursday 20 September 2012

Cats and Crumble . . .

I did some baking this afternoon: a pizza for supper; an apple crumble and a small loaf of bread.  I left the two latter, covered with a clean teatowel, on top of the oven to cool. 

Anyway, we have just been seeking out lurking cats and putting them in the kitchen where they sleep overnight.  Fluff trotted across the kitchen floor, leaving wet footprints behind her, and she had a wet hind leg.  I looked about: no grey cat in sight.  Sheba (aka Misery Guts) and Fluff don't get on, so I assumed they had had a spat and Fluff had ended up in the water bowl.  Yet there was no spilt water. 

I went across to the cooker to put the bread and the cooled crumble away, only to find out that Fluff had attempted to make a bed on top of the lovely warm apple crumble, and THAT was why she was wet - she was covered in apple juice!  Ah well, just as well we have plenty of apples!


  1. You still ate it, tho, right? :-D

  2. You know that poem BB "Cats sleep anywhere...." !

  3. Mine usually find the bread just out of the oven and make a bed in that.

  4. That's the sort of thing that could happen in my kitchen--cat seeking out a nice warm towel-covered loaf or pie.
    Non cat lovers might be horrified by some of the things that go on in this house, but then, would I have ANYTHING in common with someone who didn't appreciate felines?

  5. Like cats but cats in my food... a big NO !
    I loved my cats but they just were not allowed where food was.
    I guess I was lucky with the cats I had, they were not allowed on the kitchen counters and surprise they didn't get up. They had the run of the house but not where food was.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Parnsip - the kitchen is the room with the cat-flap in, so its where they go at night so they can come and go as they please. Usually food isn't left out, but the crumble hadn't been cooked until teatime. Mine are NOT allowed on kitchen counters or tables . . .