Friday 21 September 2012

Visit from a little ghost cat . . .

I was laying in bed last night, having just stopped reading and turned out the light.  I felt a cat jump gently onto the bed, walk across me and then down into the hollow between me and my husband.  Having been convinced all "lurkers" had been put into the kitchen, I sat up and said to K, "I thought you said all the cats were downstairs - yet one's just walked over me."  I put my hand out to see who it was - and there was nothing there . . .  He hadn't felt anything (well, I suppose he wouldn't, it was me that was walked across).  I can only assume it was a little ghost cat, visiting, and giving it some thought, I think it must have been my darling Lucky, as the strides were very short (she was a little short-legged cat).  Bless her - coming back to say hello.

My eldest daughter has spoken of a ghost cat on her bed before now too.

I am sure the pragmatic amongst you will think - daft woman, it was just her imagination, but I am sure the animal-lovers may think differently . . .


  1. Oh how wonderful. Of course I wouldn't have noticed. Our 'lurkers' come and go all night anyway!

  2. Hello.... well I lost my very dear cat Edd last October he just disapeared without a trace, I was heart broken, as time goes on you presume the worst really, he was such a home boy. about two weeks after he went missing, I was woken in the night with a cat walking across the quilt, I sat up in bed and there was just the faintest bluey image of a small cat, and then it was gone. I felt very comforted by it and think that it was Edd coming to say his last goodbye. So no I don't think that you are daft at all and if you are I am totally bonkers!! A couple of days later my husband woke in the morning and said that there had been a cat on the bed in the night, he is the most sceptic person ever! but he felt it too. I think some cats just have such a strong bond with their humans...even after they are gone xx
    Sophie xx

  3. I don't think your daft. That is the most lovely story. It brings tears to my eyes. How very lucky you are.

    After my Mum died I was sitting on the bed going through some of her things and a swear I felt her come and sit on the bed with me and then leave.
    I have always seen (?) spirts, things, shapes (?) just out of the line of sight, they move across my vision ever since I was a little girl. I just thought everyone saw shapes too.
    I am sure the doctors have answer for this but whatever it is it really doesn't bother me.

    I am very happy your kitty came back to visit you. I wish my dogs and cats would do that, I miss them all very much.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. You are not crazy as I have had "wraiths" of my beloved cats and dogs coming back, sometimes on several ocassions. My beloved grandparents come back for visits, very briefly, to comfort me when I am down or have major problems that I cannot seem to find an answer to. When they visit, I have an answer.
    Only people who have pets will tell you this, non-believers poo-poo the idea.
    I find it very conforting to have visits from everyone whom I have loved in my life.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Jennie, Sammydog has been back several times. MY son felt the weight of him getting on the bottom of his bed, circling around ( as dogs do) and then laying down. He was a big dog- you wouldnt imagine that movement. Twice I have woken to hear him clippy clopping around ( we have wooden floors) his claws always made tappy sounds when he walked. and wahst more, merlin was with me at the time, and he sat bolt upright and stared, this convinced me I wasnt imagining it, we all know how sensitive cats are to things. It was a great comfort to know sam is still around, six weeks on I am still crying fopr my beautiful dog

    Leanne x

  6. Leanne - that brought tears to my eyes, but I am so glad Sammy is still with you. Of course you are still grieving for him. I still miss my dear old Tara, who left us over 20 years ago now and who had helped me through such bad times.

    Denim - How comforting that your pets have come back to you too, as well as your grandparents. I wish one of mine would send us a buyer, pronto!

    Parsnip - I think it's called empathy isn't it? What animal-lovers have in bucketfuls and for some of us, it means we see more than other people. It cannot be explained and others may feel our imagination runs freely, but I know what I've experienced, and imagination it was NOT!

    Sophie - I am so sorry that Edd went, never to return except in spirit. I was very comforted to think that Lucky came back to say hello - she and I had a very strong bond.

    AJ - We had a proper "lurker" last night in the form of Sheba, our grey tabby stray. No mistaking her bulk on the bed! but she just walked over me and settled down in between us, just as Lucky had done, but with sound effects!

  7. Funnily enough Moss my collie is always there in my mind but no tangible presence, just a comforting feel, that is why I keep him by my side on the blog, that steady gaze reminds me to be calm ;)

  8. He was such a beautiful dog Thelma. I am sure they are there with us always in spirit, even if they don't make their presence felt in a more obvious way.

    Gosh - I could do with a calming photo up there sometimes!

  9. I used to be visited by a ghost dog too so no worries. You aren't daft.
    Always 'seen' odd things. My mum was sensitive to the paranormal too.

  10. I still feel my old black cat Wiggy around sometimes. They enter your blood I think.

  11. interesting! my neighbor is burning a big pot of sage because she says spirits are kicking her. yours i believe, hers.....not so much

    smiles, bee