Tuesday 18 September 2012

If I ever write that book . . .

. . . the one about living here, I finally have a title.  My son called me out into the hall tonight, and said "Look at this."  It was a young newt, going for a stroll up the tiles in the hall.  I picked him (her?) up and carefully put him (her) back outside, but as there is a big gap beneath the door, it may just come back.  We have had lots of young newts/frogs/toads on this particular pathway over the years.  Perhaps it is genetic memory.

Oh, and the book title?  "A newt in the house is worth two in the pond . . ." or something like that!  Author:  Gussie Finknottle (of course!)


  1. Love the title! Clever and endearing :-)

    How're you feeling these days? I saw mention in a comment I think that you're improving and improved - have you seen the specialist yet? (sorry if I missed an update you've posted about this)

  2. Issy - I see the Specialist tomorrow. So far, peak flows have improved greatly, BUT I am still on the double dose of steroid inhaler and I don't know the results when I try to come back down to my old dose. We shall see. I'm better than I was anyway, and thank you for your concern.