Saturday 15 September 2012

When packing for the car boot sale . . .

. . . make sure that you don't pack a cat too!!  Banshee decided this was a good billet . . .


  1. Cats! They manage (always) to locate and park themselves within the center of an activity
    (invited or not) lol. It's as tho they can't imagine you'd dream (or dare) to do anything without them....

  2. As long as you didn't sell the cat at the car boot sale, all's well that ends well!

  3. Goodness, Ban looks so much like our Lucy! I`m pleased you didn`t sell her.

  4. So very funny. Feeling a little left out was she ?

    cheers, parsnip

  5. This advice goes for unpacking the car trunk [boot] as well. I had to remove Willis and then Little Edward from the trunk as I struggled to haul out an empty food carrier and two pair of shoes. Wasn't sure but what a cat might be lurking in the depths so went back out to double check--what is it with curiosity and cats?

  6. MM - Our latest stray, the grey tabby Sheba (aka Misery Guts!) is the one for stowing away in cars. We packed for a car boot sale recently, came out next morning and opened the door and she came out demanding breakfast! Ban loves the car too, but the others aren't too bothered (or haven't discovered the delights yet).

    DW - Ban and your Lucy are dopplegangers I think!

    parsnip - Ban has a penchant for the most peculiar places to sleep. She will stay there a couple of weeks and then move on to somewhere else, like her wild ancestors probably did.

    Weaver - I nearly came home with an extra cat when I went to the Horse Sale recentlyh - a beautiful Maine Coone was wandering the car park and jumped in my car when I opened the door. Only reluctantly did I turf her out!

    Issy - our old white cat was the one for that. Whatever I was doing, Snowy would be there, "supervising"!

  7. What a lovely looking cat. Sadly, Snippet's presence prevents any thoughts of feline family members. I do miss my cats.