Friday 4 December 2009

The Chair and other rag-tag bits . . .

I finally finished my husband's armchair this week, glueing on the gimp and sewing the last bit of cord in place on an arm. I never realized how good a match the material was for the carpet before . . .

Here's how it looked before I got started. The springs had completely collapsed, and the back dowels had broken, but OH soon fixed that. The springs had to be replaced and took quite a bit of wrestling to tie into position!

As you can see, Snowy wanted to help. Sadly, you can also see the cancer has returned to his ear.

Photo showing the broken back - OH put in long hefty screws to hold the back.

Here's another of the hats - this one for T's boyfriend.

. . . and a few photos which never made it first time round . . .

Flooding down at the Bishop's Pond, Abergwili.

This week's Apple Pie.

Finally, that Walking the Census photograph - the two ruined cottages out of sight in the undergrowth . . .


  1. Nice job! I love to see your upholstery projects. It looks like a lovely shaped little chair, lovely and deep for curling up with a book in front of the fire. XX to Snowy.

  2. I have an old footstool to revamp for OH next. It's one with a string top (which I restrung a few years back) but now he wants it done to match his chair. Watch this space . . .

  3. That chair looks as good as new now, I would never even attempt to do that!

  4. I had to have a good stiff drink first . . . I did go to upholstery classes when my kids were small though, and learned a bit, and have a reasonable book which was permanently open . . . besides, needs must - couldn't afford to buy a replacement, so . . .

  5. Is that apple pie real, BB? Dare not show the farmer or he would be down there to consume some of it! Clever girl with that chair - what a mammoth job and how well you have done it. So sorry about the cat - we do love our pets don't we. Have a good, dry weekend.

  6. Fantastic job on the chair; delicious looking apple pie; poor cat - and was the beautiful museum flooded at Abergwili? I hope not. Such a pleasant and helpful curator and fascinating exhibits.

  7. Great job on the chair, it looks so comfy now, and its one more job out of the way for Christmas.Poor cat its horrible when they become so ill,

  8. What a wonderful job you have done on the chair.
    I am so sorry to hear about Snowy ..apparently it is quite common in white eared cats ... animals are like babies ...they cannot tell you how they feel so you just work on instinct when caring for them. xx

  9. You've made a noble job of that chair--pattern beautifully centered and balanced! I'm also liking the paint color in the background and the glimpse of the wooden chair. It sounds like the whole house is being tackled and gussied up as well as the armchair. The star-studded apple pie looks like an absolute treat!
    I'm sorry about Snowy--our 11 year old Raisin-cat is looking very poorly. She has been to the vet so many times--not much can be done but to love and coddle her as long as possible.