Thursday 31 December 2009

What my cats think of New Year's Eve . . .

Wee Banshee has a warm crocheted blanket on a chair in the sitting room.

Now T has gone home, the cats have gone back to being even more random with their sleeping places than they were before. Some are very conventional, liking the best of the facilities on offer:
Here is Lucky, yawning after I woke her up . . .

And her daughter Fluff, who was cwtched up on one of the kitchen chairs.

Darling one-eyed Lucy, snuggled up to the warm radiator on T's childhood bed.

Some like it hot - Gypsy in her favourite spot ON the radiator in the back (junk) room.

And some, are just plain DAFT! Honey in the bathroom . . .



  1. Adorable photos! Thank you. And, happy New Year to all of you!

  2. Lovely photo's, lovely cats!
    Have a very Happy New Year with many thanks for sharing lots of interesting posts x

  3. Ha ha, I love the way cats get "cwtched up" into strange places of their own choosing. We always used that expression as children, when we got into bed, we would call for my Dad to "Coutch us up", I guess we must have got that from our Welsh grandparents. I have never seen it written before.

  4. Lovely photos of your contented cats. I think black one-eyed Daisy from Cornwall would have made a good twin for your Lucky!

    Happy New Year BB and thanks for all your support when I started my own blog. Yours is always so interesting and a real inspiration.

  5. One of my Mum's favourite phrases was, "Oh, to be a cat in a good home!" .... and your photos certainly reminded me of that sentiment! What a choice of comfy places to sleep ... even the sink?

    Wishing you & yours all the very best for 2010.

    Willow xx

  6. We had two cats--brothers, no longer living, who chose the bathroom sink basins as sleeping places. Cats can make the strangest places look cozy.
    I have always liked black cats and its been 10 years since we've had one. Your felines are all fine looking specimens--and obviously not troubled by the thought of a New Year coming on. They also appear to have laid very firm claim to their respective chairs--in this house we sit on the edge of our seats rather than disturb a cat!

  7. Now, THATS how I'll be spending my New Years Eve as well! They have the right idea...they all happen to be beautiful, too! I love their pics. A happy, brand-spankin-new 2010 to you and thanks for all the wonderful posts and pics in 2009 :)

  8. Thank you everyone. We have the excitement of house-hunting this New Year. Something I have been longing to do. I downloaded a couple of "possibles" yesterday, though it's early in the season yet and not much about.

    The year has dawned bright, sunny and frosty. I intend to get a good walk in and set bout one of the piles of junk. I may be some time!

    Thank you all again for your ongoing friendship and wonderful comments. Jennie xx

  9. Hi, I saw your comment on Kath's blog about long dogs, so thought I would pop over and visit, but what a lot of cats you have! They are lovely. I could fancy a cat myself but with 4 greyhounds, not a good idea!
    Have a happy new year and best of luck with your downsizing.

  10. What a lovely warm bathroom you must have! I would love to have a cat again, they do make a house look cosy, but they don't go with lurchers, either. Happy new year!

  11. Lynn & GC - hmmm, no, lurchers and greyhounds and cats are perhaps not a good combination! My Whippets were very accommodating, but they aren't so "chasy" as greyhounds or lurchers and I think a well-placed swipe round the nose from an angry cat puts them in their place without them feeling tempted to fight back.

    Our bathroom is one of the warmest rooms (being small) and the lure of the hot tap keeping the sink warm is what has brought Honey in there. She is still disgruntled as she no longer has access to the pipes in the Cat Magnet daughter's bedroom . . .

  12. Just love all your cats.... I have two and they never fail to make me laugh with all their antics...
    Happy New Year!!
    Jane xxx