Tuesday 29 December 2009

Comments for last post

Thanks for commenting that you couldn't comment, hopefully this will have a comments link . . . And MM, yes, we did saw the heel off it when it had barely been out of the oven a couple of minutes, and ate it with fresh HOME-MADE butter!!!


  1. Home-churned butter on home-baked bread! Could anything be more soulfully nourishing!
    During our farm years I made butter in an electric-powered churn. We saved the milk from a part Jersey cow [our herd was Holsteins] skimmed the cream and made butter about once a week.
    I well recall the pleasure of "working the butter" after it was removed from the churn. I still have the vintage wooden trough, the paddle and the wooden butter mold.

  2. Yes, I'm sure the lady who owned the cake tin long ago, will be smiling with pleasure to know you are enjoying it now.Kath

  3. The bread....I can almost smell it! Is the book about Lytchett by a lady who bought a cottage wrote about the wildlife? I bought a second hand bok a while back like that and it was really good, but I have given it to a friend now who has a cottage at Lytchett.