Thursday 31 December 2009

New Year Resolutions . . .

Now that the Cat Magnet (my daughter T) has gone back to Sheffield, I have a queue of disgruntled cats outside her bedroom. One of them has even had to set up home in a Paper Bag!

Anyway, today I have spent as I mean to go on - sorting out, tidying up and putting away . . . I have nailed my New Year's Resolutions to the mast: garden like crazy to get it looking beautiful for selling; walk every day (this has fallen by the wayside due to Adverse Weather Conditions this autumn/winter); finish my UFO's, which appear below . . . along with some I'd-love-to-starts . . .

Here is a FINISHED item (a rarity!) I just wanted to use up some chunky wool remnants I had in the cupborad, so I knitted T up a Time Team meets Dr Who scarf. It seemed to take forever as it had to be about 10 feet long so she could wrap it once around her neck . . .

This is the current work in progress - very slowly, and abandoned over the Holiday to get the scarf finished, but I'm about to have a bowl of soup and then get cracking on it again.

I would LOVE to do all this sampler, for our new home. Don't hold your breath . . .

Flower Fairies. Can't resist them either and would love to sew ALL of these . . . Can't see it happening in my lifetime so will have to train T up - I've already sent her back with half my craft cupboard overflow including x-stitch projects . . .

This got abandoned about 6 or 7 years ago as the black Aida is a b*gger to work on without a good light, but now I have a magnifying craft light (£4.50 from a car boot sale!), so I will get it finished for G . . .

Well, I hang my head in shame. You can see how long this has been abandoned - since starting on my degree at least, so that would be 1996. It is now destined for the grandchildrens' room for our future home . . .


  1. Hullo BB,

    Of all the items you have posted this feels the most 'self abusive' - if I can call it that.

    {And if I do call it that then it's from a position of cowardice for not nailing my 'resolution' colours to the mast.}

    I am deliberately NOT going to be making any new years resolutions. I have done so in the past and delivered pretty much hee-haw of them, so out with the old and in with the new. Um, erm, that'll be starting tommorrow.

    {Note to self.....put 'stop procrastinating' at top of next years new year resolutions.}

    Seriously though I hope that dealing with all these outstanding items doesn't slow down the blogging. I look forward to each and every one dropping onto my laptop. Its been fun!

    Thanks for all your posts and have a guid Ne'erday.

    All the best for 2010.

    kind regards.....Al.

  2. I've enjoyed looking at these "works in progress". I think that's a kinder term than "unfinished objects." Cross stitch and knitting aren't among my skills, although when our children were very small I created mittens with my MIL's help.
    I managed at one time to over whelm myself with too many craft supplies and enthusiasms. The interest to expand my skills is still there, if a bit dormant, but the major move a dozen years ago from east to west was very sobering in terms of what had been accumulated and what had to be discarded.
    So---I'm left with a "stash" of good fabric and dozens of quilt block patterns to tackle before senility swallows me up! I do wish that I had the eyesight and patience for more handwork--there is something soothing about that kind of concentration, one stitch at a time.

  3. Just stopping back to admire Honey in the paperbag. I love how cats find hidey holes. They are creatures of comfort.

  4. MM - Honey was very happy in there, but would NOT pose nicely for a photo. I have some others which I will post tomorrow, of the other cats. (Lucy currently my lap warmer). I will hopefully make a start on "that" quilt early in the New Year too, but with everyone home I just find it too hard to concentrate. The x-stitch is something I can do of an evening, so that suits me. Knitting is something I do only when I'm in the mood.

    Al - only three achievable and necessary good intentions/resolutions. The pointless ones I have not added (losing weight, not buying any more books etc etc!) The garden HAS to be done (like the decorating here), and I enjoy it, so no great hardship. I managed to avoid saying I wouldn't start another project until the UFOs are finished - I'll be realistic!

    Happy New Year to everyone, and everything good and positive for 2010 that I would wish my ain folk . . .

  5. What a lot of lovely projects in progress! I always struggle with the perrienial question, when does a WIP become a UFO? I just finished a x stitch kit which I have used as my Blog header, to inspire me to finish all the others! I love the scarf by the way! Happy new Year Kath

  6. Love all your projects, particularly the cat in the bag!!
    Jane xxx

  7. New Years resolutions...plans to finish the in progress things for me, too