Tuesday 15 December 2009

Last week's car boot bargains

We bought mainly books - just happened to strike lucky - though I did get some crinoline lady china - 5 cups and 6 saucers, which is wrapped and packed ready to go with us when we move.

I was fortunate enough to buy a carrier bagful of odds and sods in the needlework line, for just £2. As you can see,a whole set of needles, plus some spare, a set of sock needles, bag of zips (taken from other clothing, to be used again, as we always used to do), bias binding, fasteners, a sewing book and bits and bobs.

Click on the photos to enlarge them, but the books we bought are:

A Country Calender and Other Writings by Flora Thompson (20p)

The Working Classes in Victorian Fiction - P J Keating (20p)

Fishlocks Wild Tracks - 12 Walks in Wales (20p)

The Selected Letters of Somerville & Ross ed. by Gifford Lewis (10p - I nearly bit his hand off, as I have several of their books from many, many years ago so this will keep them company. This book is selling for about £18 on line).

Our Mutual Friend - Dickens (20p) - decided to get this after hearing it serialized on Radio 4 recently.

50 Walks in Devon (20p)

Dissolution - C J Sansom (20p) - another one on my wanted list - I'd asked D for a copy for Christmas.

This England - W S Shears (publ. 1938) 50p - another oldie but goodie.

Great battles in the Ancient World (OH paid £1 for this)

The British Isles - a real coffee table book full of fabulous photos, and nearly the size of a coffee table and ONLY 50p!!!

So for £3.30, we got half a library!


  1. I love the look of that treasure bag of needlework goodies.
    So sorry to hear about your cat - rest in peave indeed - always sad when one loses a dear pet.

  2. Those look like great books! I'm curious about the one by Flora Thompson. Is this a compilation from Lark Rise to Candleford--or did she write others?
    My current bedtime read is "The Country Child" which you sent. Lovely writing--but I was shocked when I looked up some bios on Alison Uttley--what a strange and domineering woman!

  3. You can never have too many "sewing bits and bobs"!

  4. Hullo You,

    Dissolution is a good un. Sure you will enjoy it......


  5. The haberdashery stuff looks interesting...all those knitting needles!

  6. Yes, those knitting needles were a real bargain! Someone`s treasured collection of a lifetime I imagine. I wonder what they have knitted in their day?

    A great collection of books too.As Alistair said in a previous comment, you will have to move into a library when you "downsize"!

  7. Some fab books there BB and what a great needle haul! I've really upset the apple cart on my blog and probably have alienated ALL my readers! Hey ho!!!