Wednesday, 2 December 2009

PhD in Procrastination

This is Gypsy's take on procrastination. I really SHOULD go and look for a mouse . . . perhaps . . .

Yup, that's me. Procrastination with a Capital P. I have actually been better these past couple of weeks and taking myself by the scruff of the neck and MAKING myself do the jobs which need doing. The complete spring-clean-in-December and redecorating is going well. I reached the cleaning-the-windows stage today, and it promptly rained. The front hall got painted yesterday, and the dresser moved, all the china washed and put back, every spiders' web hoovered up and the curtains taken down so I could paint behind. I spent this afternoon writing out Christmas cards but oh dear, I seem to have fallen by the wayside this afternoon as I came up here to write out the abbreviated Christmas Letter! Sigh . . .


  1. Welcome to my club! Sounds like you've done plenty, though. I like Gypsy's idea better I'd have to say :)

  2. Tell me about it! .... I seem to have difficulty in completing (no, wait, actually *starting*) the simplest of tasks at the moment. Time to get tough with the 'to do' list methinks!

    Gypsy definitely has the right idea!

    Willow x

  3. Dear girl! Moving furniture and painting, let alone washing the windows! Surely you will "founder" in the doing! I advise sitting down with tea, cat[s] and book[s] One can take only so much of this over-hauling at a time!

  4. Hullo wimps,

    was going to post a bit about procrastinating but I really can't be bothered!


  5. I never get past the thinking stage ...and that is tiring enough lol Xmas decs cover a mutitude of sins

  6. Al - you just made be LOL!!

    All - from what I've been doing, it sounds like we live in a really smart tidy house, but rest assured, just out of sight (back of the hall in fact) are paint tins in use/about to be used, a huge box of Christmas decorations and "stuff", 2 old hand-cranked sewing machines, a box of books and a deep red carpet which Gypsy's been rolling on . . . This is why I PANIC when we have guests . . .

  7. BB,

    If you panic when you have guests then they may be the wrong guests. Guests should come to see you, not critique your housekeeping. The right guests wont notice anything else as long as they have company and somewhere to sit a while.

    Of course, on the other hand, it could all just be you........


  8. Ah, these are not quite the right sort of guests. "Best behaviour" ones in fact. The sort who probably wouldn't appreciate seeing a cat in every corner, let alone Snowy scuttling across the table, or a pussum asleep on top of a fruit crumble. I had to give an invite back as we'd been to their place . . . Let's hope Christmas gets in the way!