Friday, 10 September 2010

Doom and gloom

I have several ideas for postings, and some great photos of the henge monument Arbor Low in Derbyshire to post too, but I am still down in the dumps and in a "can't be bothered" frame of mind. At this minute, I just want to go to bed and sleep forever. All that driving up to Sheffield and back this week (despite G's help - she drove most of the way back), has got to me. I feel like I did when I was nursing my mum and my life wasn't my own - I think it's because there are so many elements of my life that I am NOT in control of at the moment, and cannot alter or improve.

Anyway, the view above is near Arbor Low and the Big Black Cloud which was ominously moving closer as we walked across the fields to the henge. We managed to escape getting soaked, I am glad to say.

Have a good weekend, all.


  1. Love vibes coming your way BB from North Yorkshire. I know that awful 'not being in control' feeling - it colours your every moment both waking and sleeping. All you can do really is just sit it out - well that's what I found anyway. Best wishes - lovely view in the photo by the way.

  2. That is a nice picture even though it looks rather daunting. I do hope things are better for you soon. Being at the place you are at right now isn't nice, and like the commenter above said, all we can do is sit it out. This too shall pass.

    Sending loves, hugs and prayers your way ~ FlowerLady

  3. Doctor Kath presecribes hot chocolate, a good book and an early night XX

  4. Hoping your "in the dumps" goes to pass. I know it will, have a cup of tea, and cake, and thank you for your comment on the kitten, she is very slowly getting better, it will just take a lot of time and much healing.
    As Always,

  5. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I kept myself busy (and positive) baking today - 2 cakes, 2 different lots of biscuits and an apple crumble. I feel a bit better tonight, but can't wait to snuggle down with the Derek Tangye book I got in Ashbourne (charity shop) earlier this week (A Cat Affair).

  6. Perhaps it might help to know what you can control and then let the rest go. And I know, better said than done, but to feel that horrible weight slip off your shoulders for even a little while really can do wonders!
    Waves of sunshine coming your way from across the pond!

  7. That certainly is a doom laden cloud over Derbyshire.....

    I`m not surprised you are feeling out of kilter BB. You are someone who loves to cook, plant and plan for the next season, and the one after that. All of which is impossible as you don`t know where you are going to be by then. Very disconcerting.

    I`m sure your idea of short term goals is a good one. Just try to forget about next month but concentrate on something that gives you pleasure and satisfaction today, like baking! I love the sound of the courgette and chocolate cake.