Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Update on house-selling

The larder at Acton Scott Working Farm.

Someone was asking - Sharie I think it was - about what was happening on the house-selling front. Well, as the current agents have not exactly excelled themselves in any capacity whatsoever, we have decided to terminate our contract with them when it elapses at the end of this month, and have asked a specialist agent in England to list our house for us. Hopefully then, as their website has a heavy footfall of potential customers, we may just get someone along to see it.

To be honest, I have just "switched off" as it has just been one long catalogue of errors from start to finish. All the summer I have kept the house spick and span and the garden looking at its best, all to no purpose whatsoever. I find it hard to believe that anyone might want to buy our house, because of the parlous state of the housing market and because no-one in their right mind would want somewhere this roomy this side of the border.

I am still filled with doom and gloom and have not allowed myself any emotional attachment whatsoever with the lovely house and garden we have offered on. That way I won't be disappointed if it all falls through, which I think is more than likely.

So as we move into Autumn, I think it will be next spring before there is any real interest in house-buying again, by which time our house will be very "old hat" and folk will doubtless be saying, "I wonder what's wrong with that? It's been on the market since last summer . . ."


  1. I feel sure that people WILL view your lovely house once it is marketed more widely. It is a dream house for anyone wanting to escape city life and the land gives scope for all sorts of self sufficiency projects, or just for keeping a few ponies or other grazing animals.

    Crossing fingers that someone will come along for an autumn holiday and fall in love with a fine old Welsh farmhouse.........

  2. I had rather given up thought of selling our last home in Wyoming--the market had dropped off badly in that price range, house had been on the market about 9 months with no real interest.
    When J remained enthused about a retirement move, I cast my eyes toward Heaven and said, "Only if there is miracle."
    It was only weeks before two couples were contending for the house, equipment and such which he had tried to sell for months was gone, and here we are in Kentucky. Miracle, no doubt!
    I found it very hard to be TIDY enough for a short-notice house showing. Being TIDY is not an attribute that either J or I are blessed with.

  3. As you know hun x my boss sells houses,big big houses...I asked him yesterday(he had 2 adverts in Country Life for indeed big big houses)where the people selling these big places were going?up?sideways?or down.... his answer was quick,down.These are people that have lived (mostly) on tomorrows fortune...he told me of clients whose homes are being repossessed & whoes banks ring them them at every meeting hes even been with them.Yet these folks are extremely wealthy, they have enormous debts yes but they are most unlikely to move to living in a 3 bed semi on a Barrett estate......
    Weary with their way of life that has brought them to where they are they,they may be looking for a bolt hole. I am sure yours is middle ground enough to fit for those that are on the *up* as it is, & those that are on the down. Its just bloody bad form that rubbish agent didnt tell you honestly they were way out of their comfort zone when you approached them sigh,but there we go,maybe....they might have sold it to a horrible buyer who dragged out completion for a year(has been known) & by the seeming could be that things are just falling into place for the right buyer to find you.

    I have been thinking of you as am reading a library book called tThe Ram In the Well,its in my room so I cant recall who the author is but its about how they bought a home in wales,its beautifully written & very funny account of off the track rural living!
    GTM x xx x

  4. Fingers crossed the vendor of the house you love will be happy to hang on for you. It is a very stressful experience this house buying/selling thing and not one I would want to go through again.

  5. Just remember BB that you only need ONE person to com and view, if they happen to be the right ONE.

  6. Thank you all for your kind and reassuring comments. I just need to try and think a little bit more positively and resurrect HOPE. Difficult at the moment as I have a nasty chest infection - there was me thinking that my 50-a-day sounding hacking cough was due to changing my asthma medication! Perhaps when the anti-b's kick in, I will have a bit of faith in what the future holds . . .

  7. Hope you feel better soon.
    We had our house up for sale for nearly 3 years - 1 summer lost because the estate agent was slow, we swapped agents. We told prospective buyers about the agents and found many had similar experiences. Don't worry about it.
    My only advice would be don't worry about buyers over the christmas period - they don't appear or if they do they are carpet treaders.

  8. Come on BB, Xmas is on the way ;) ;) plot and make some gifts and get better in front of a warm fire xxx daughter says that its the time of year when you feel ill, and don't forget those rotten autumn spores that are flying around which could be aggravating your asthma.