Monday, 6 September 2010

Mrs Glum . . .

Looking across at Ferryside and Iscoed Mansion ruins (centre). Double click for a better view. Taken last Friday when OH and I had a walk at Llanstephan - I remembered the camera then, too.

Do you remember The Glums on the radio, probably late 50s/early 60s? They were part of Take It From Here, a very popular radio show of the time. Jimmy Edwards played the long-suffering father and Dick Bentley the dim and reluctant-to-wed Ron, and June Whitfield was brilliant as Eth.

Well, I feel about as cheerful as Eth today. The house-selling saga continues as disastrously as it started. Now we have announced we will not be renewing our contract, all of a sudden our house gets the long-promised advert in the weekend national paper. Unfortunately, the details were inaccurate and our house was described as being approached by a track (this was the "reason not to buy it" . . .) Since we have spent the last 22 years driving off a Council-maintained metalled road, I am rather at a loss as to where this information may have come from, especially as YKW is denying all knowledge . . .

I am trying to keep my nose to the grindstone tidying up and doing housework, just in case some mad individual might want to come and view, but I think I am wasting my time, if I am honest. I can't help feeling VERY VERY "what's the point?" and totally despondent. I think chocolate is called for . . .


  1. [[hugs]] bovey something will turn up soon


  2. :-+)
    As your Dr. for droopy hearts, I order at least 2 bars of chocolate and a stiff drink?
    I send you healing and up beat thoughts to you.

  3. Oh dear, I would be feeling like that too. It's hard to see past all the hurdles that seem to get chucked up in your way.
    Chocolate is definately the way forward.

  4. I have to confess chocolate DID help! I am trying to be positive, but it is so immensely frustrating and making me feel quite ill. I keep walking into brick walls and shut doors and don't have a ladder to climb out. Even the new agent hasn't sent us any further paperwork - do I assume they are waiting until the numbskull is off the scene?

    This is obviously all being sent to try me, and believe me, it is! I feel I have failed every test so far. Am I supposed to just quietly accept what the universe is sending my way?

    Thank you all for the healing and positive thoughts. I'm sorry to moan on here, but I don't have local friends/neighbours whose ears I can go and bend and my family are positively tripping over their ears now!

  5. I'm sorry things are going too well, if in doubt chocolate x

  6. Your "track" is the most delightful Welsh country lane, both up and downhill. What on EARTH are those estate agents playing at?

    I`m glad that the chocolate helped.Don`t lose heart BB. Someone out there is going to love your house and then you can really start to make plans. Such a frustrating time for you.......

  7. I had probs with my estate agent, said we had 'off road parking' when we lived down our own a private road and had enough parking for 5 static caravans and a lorry. Another said we only had one bedroom as we had a computer (as well as a bed)in the other room therefore it was a computer room. One guy was quite verbally abusive as I refused to sell our house to a prospective buyer for £40,000 less than the already reduced asking price.

    Yep, Mistake Agents is a better term to use.

  8. Poor hunny, I'm sorry that you're down and glum. You can come and visit me if you like, to get away from it all.x

  9. I remember a few real estate agents pulling that last minute trick in times past. I hope things are BETTER very soon. In the meantime, eat lots of chocolate.