Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A quick catch up

I will try to catch up properly tomorrow, but we have had very busy and enjoyable weekend with our offspring here and T is still with us (off home tomorrow).  We've had a couple of walks, a lovely family meal yesterday, we've been to Malvern Fleamarket (it rained pretty well all day) and today our two daughters took me to Calico Kate's in Lampeter to chose and buy fabrics for an Heirloom quilt (all William Morris fabrics) which was a wonderful outing.  They bought them for me as a combined birthday present, bless them.  Today T took us out for lunch in Laugharne (sit down fish and chips, which were lovely), and so only a snack will be required at teatime tonight.

I have photos of our walk to put up, and some from Laugharne today, and my fabrics, so don't go away! Back tomorrow I hope.

Stormy skies over the farm . . .

Little Whale pretending to be invisible!

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