Monday, 9 April 2018

Phew - that was a tiring weekend

Phew.  That was one tiring weekend . . . it's a 2 1/2 day thing really, with the setting up on the Friday afternoon.  It's just as well we live so locally to this (about 15 mins away).  Most people are a good deal further and the gay couple next to us came from Somerset I think, so their overheads are very much higher than ours as they have to pay for b&b and fuel as well.

As you can see, it is the most wonderful setting.  You couldn't have a better one really.  That said, it was a bit chilly on the Saturday and then got blooming hot and humid yesterday afternoon. 

Some of what I had on offer.  As the beautiful jug on the right yet again had no-one even remotely interested in it and as Keith likes it as much as I do (it lives on a cupboard in our front hall), it has come out of stock and back home with us.  The plate back left is one of Jonathon Cox's trial plates.  Such a pretty design.  The yellow glass is French and the others all Mdina.

The orangey-red shelf!  Some Poole pottery, Japanese bud vases, hock glasses and a really chunky 1970s glass on left (with Ginkgo leaf pattern).

A lovely old oak repurposed desk box, now a stationary box (previously a Vicar's).  Some lovely 1960s Waterford crystal goblets; wartime photos, pastry cutters and a nice old military signal cannon.

A lovely big copy of a Galle design vase (it has "TIP" on the back to show it is a copy).  We were selling this for a friend, and I breathed a sigh of relief when it sold, as I was so frightened of breaking it . . .  I displayed it with little butterfly LED lights in to show the design.  Royal Copenhagan late 1960s bowl still with the original price on the bottom (£21 10s 0d); stunning modern Nailsea glass decanter - a one-off piece from an artist who is now a plumber!; another Bavarian hock glass and a pretty Jack-in-the-Pulpit vase from Alum Bay Glass co.

A big hefty Fleur-de-Lis jug from Belgium (includes sale docket dated 1922); Bittori jug; REALLY heavy green glass jug; some Bavarian blue glass, and on the left a lovely old (and perfect) Bristol teapot.

Drumstick Primulas in a lovely Tramp Art bowl, on Brazilian Rosewood occasional table.  The Primulas (I got 3) are being planted up today, along with the two Aubretias I bought (Malvern Flea - £1 each) . . .

Large Australian  shell, and a 19th C North Indian dance mask.  I think he is meant to be a Demon, with his dark face and big "tache".

A glimpse of Keith's side, with various bayonets, knives and some knobkerries.   Next to the big shell is our Scandinavian Viking style "Kettle" cooking pot - probably dating from around 1600 or so, made from pieces of iron riveted together.  A real piece of history - if only it could talk!

I will put some more photos up later.  We have a lovely sunny day here, and had planned a Birthday Outing, but that has had to be postponed because we have a viewing next Sunday (when we also have another Fair, so I will have to leave it to do the viewing and go back again to pick up Keith and the stock).  So, today is Tidy Up The Garden and Yard Day . . .


  1. Many Happy Returns for the day Jennie, enjoy yourself. Gorgeous stock you have, it must be difficult to sell it sometimes as you must grow to love individual pieces. Good luck with the forthcoming viewing. X

  2. Hope you had lots of sales over the weekend.
    That shell is HUGE, whatever lived in it?
    Happy birthday

  3. You were certainly selling some beautiful items Hope the viewing goes well and Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Good luck with the viewing.

  5. I am intrigued with the details of your beautiful glassware--although I would be wary to edge around the display table for fear of jostling something precious. I can't imagine why no one has seized upon that tall jug--what a dramatic piece!
    I trust you are finding the van a great help in moving your wares to and from venues--I quite liked trundling about in ours--especially trips to the garden centers.

  6. Your stall looks ever so colourful a feast for the eyes. Happy birthday dear lady sorry in one sense your day was overtaken by the upcoming viewing fingers crossed that it will all be worth the effort. Take care Tricia xx