Friday, 6 April 2018


Afternoon all. Off to set up at the Fair shortly. I am shattered already, having been polishing, repricing, sorting through and loading stuff all morning. I woke at 5 and realized to my horror that I had left the hose on all night topping up the wildlife pond. Of course, I had to get up and go out and turn it off, by which time I was completely awake, so I went and got the sewing machine back on the table and had a little play with making a patchwork (using some silk offcuts I was sent yesterday) cover for a lampshade which had seen better days. I'd not used the fancypants stitches on the machine before, or changed the foot, or even set the stitches (or machine-appliqued anything) so it was a bit of a leap of faith. Looks better than it did and I will glue it on the old shade later . . .

. . . and we've not even left the premises yet, with a van load of stock for the Fair.  However on the ball you think you are, there are always last minute polishings and repricings, changing the stock to be taken, mind-changing, memory-jolting and generally a lot of work squashed into a small time frame.  I have just repolished a beautiful Georgian Windsor chair within an inch of its life and hope that someone will love it as much as we do.  At some point in its history it was left in a barn for the woodworm to make much of, so it isn't pristine, but the worm has been treated (we have owned it several years now) and it is part of its history.


  1. that is a very interesting book on the chair,, a sketch book? very nice!

  2. Hi Laurie and welcome. The book was a Victorian scrap book, full of illustrations cut out from the Illustrated London News. Lots of fabulous historic things, and I browsed it well before I sold it on.