Thursday, 5 April 2018

A short walk - and ducklings!

Whilst our eldest daughter Tam was here, we managed a walk along the valley side, past our smallholding neighbour's home.  She was out but we walked on and met her coming the other way, so we all went back for a cup of tea and a natter, and then of course, we had to see the new arrivals. . .

The brown Khaki Campbell ducklings, about a week old in this pic, have been joined by some 2 day old Aylesburys, and are happily snuggled up in a pen of straw, under the heat lamp.

The other new arrivals are these three Leghorn chicks.  N said she had already had to clip a wing on each as they were hell-bent on escape!!

Outside, were two of the Cayuga ducks, and the other side of the road, one of the two donkeys came across in the hope of carrots.

Views on the way home - across the valley, and below, the top of the steep hill we had just climbed.

Today (Thursday), my OH had a Dr's appt. about his sore shoulder, but was just given more painkillers and told to keep using it . . .  I thought he might get sent to see the Physio, but no. 

As it was sunny, we had a short wander along the beach at Llansteffan, and I did a little tidying in the garden this afternoon, but my asthma has been bad again, so I couldn't empty the wheelbarrow and gave K's shoulder a workout when he did it for me.  I have just been weeding one bed and now have some bark chippings on it which have tidied it up.

Then I came in and hastily recovered the little footstool, which is going to the Fair tomorrow.  We will be busy packing and then unpacking the other end, and getting set up ready for the weekend (it is the two day Fair at the Botanic Gardens).  Tomorrow I had better remember to bake a cake - I meant to today and then clean forgot.

Let's hope for some more of that sunshine . . .


  1. I am sorely tempted to offer our 0.4 acre paddock as a temporary home to a couple of retired donkeys, at leat until I get round to planting it as a blossom wood. You live in such a beautiful area BB and your photos and writing always make me feel happy. I wonder if the TV crews will be at the Fair tomorrow. Please may we see photos of your stand and close ups of your best wares. As a veteran shoulder sufferer (two separate muscle tears over the years) I can say that keeping the shoulder moving is the best advice and I would strongly recommend at least a couple of sessions with a physiotherapist to advise on exercises and they may also be able to give the joint a good deep massage. Have a great weekend - and yes please to sunshine and cake - I have rhubarb upside down cake in my tin.

  2. Hi Sarah. Donkeys are such loves. Sadly your nearly half an acre would get trashed in next to no time - donkeys (and equines) need at least an acre each, and a chance for the grazing to be rested too. I love the sound of your planting it as a blossom wood anyway.

    No TV crews this time, but we have been told that Drew Pritchard is going to do a recce with a view to filming there in the future.

    I am glad my photos give you pleasure. I'm afraid the writing is a bit in short supply as I have been doing evening postings and loading photos is a slow old business. I will make sure I take lots of photos of my best stuff for you! I haven't got much in the way of new stock but I am hoping it will still look interesting.

    Thanks for the shoulder tips - I will go tell my husband and let's hope he can get some physio soon.

    Sunshine and cake sounds good to me!

  3. Young animals are always delightfully amusing--whether or not we appreciate them as grown up creatures. My late MIL always had chickens, ducks--and once some guinea hens who promptly up and flew away!
    Re K's sore shoulder--once damaged shoulders seem to remain a problem of sorts--J still favors his. As for telling one to use it or not--most anything, even getting dressed for the day--means the shoulder gets used. Hope the weather holds good for your set-up and sale.

    1. Hi Sharon - aren't they just. When they grow up they can sometimes be a little problematical though! I am having to help K in and out of his jacket now and he finds driving painful because in our Nissan, the wheel seems set a little higher than the Doblo and arms are stretched more. Anyway, hopefully it will start to ease soon and the inflammation settle down.

  4. The little ducks were so sweet.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. parsnip - aren't they? But by golly gosh, they will soon be VERY mucky little ducklings, as I know from past experience.

  5. The ducklings are just so cute :) Lovely views from your walk. Hope K's sore shoulder and your asthma improve soon.

    1. RR - they are SO soft to touch. Like soft velvet. My asthma, touch wood, is better today - I remembered to start taking my Vit. D, Magnesium and Cod Liver Oil tablets/capsules and that seems to have helped things straight away. K was carrying big boxes today, and seems to manage a straight lift, but any twisting and he is squeaking with pain.