Wednesday 3 February 2010

All change

I am glad - no, I'll rephrase that - ECSTATIC - to report that our eldest daughter and her boyfriend will be returning home to live with us later this year. There is plenty of room for them here of course (we can kit out what was my mum's flat downstairs for them whilst we are still here). This has, however, meant that downsizing from this:

is no longer going to be quite so radical, and in fact we are looking for either a similar (but smaller) property, rambling, lotsa rooms rather than this:

but we may well end up with something like this:

Just JOKING!!!

Hopefully it will have a bit of character about it, like this:

Anyway, it's DEFINITELY going to be the West Country (YIPPEE!!!!!!) and so I shall be returning to my roots.

But we're probably not going on the market until May (OH is hoping - no PRAYING - that the General Election sees the Conservatives win, so that HIP packs will be jettisoned. Oh, and for a few other Political reasons too . . . . )


  1. The tumbledown cottage looks so forlorn. I hope somebody soon brings it back to its full potential - It could be beautiful!

  2. It will be great for you to have T and J home for a while. You wore K down on the subject of North v South the? :):) I'm glad you'll still be there for the early summer months anyway, I'd have been disappointed not to have chance to see your house and tha area around it. Glad you are feeling happier now.

  3. Bed's made up, kettle's on Rowan! I look forward to showing you around our neck of the woods. You'll be sick of castles when we've finished!

    Jinksy - it's on the Hereford road out of Hay-on-Wye. Apparently two brothers own it but won't spend a penny on it. Sometimes when we've driven past there's even a light on! and in the winter, cats in one of those bulging-out windows.

  4. Sounds exciting, and nice to have the family around again and it sounds like you have plenty of room for them without getting crowded out.Happy house hunting!

  5. And just yesterday you were talking to the cows!
    How quickly life changes and in ways we can't predict.
    Twelve years ago I would NEVER have thought we would be in Wyoming, but I resigned my self to growing old in this definitely foreign--to me--territory.
    Next stop, Kentucky, where we don't know a single soul!

  6. Those top photos of your farmhouse look so inviting BB. It is a beautiful home and all your hard work decorating will pay off when people do start to look around.Great news about T and J.coming home, wherever that might turn out to be!

  7. Hello, old friend. Glad for your good news and I'll be checking in to see how everything goes.

  8. That cottage needs some TLC - but that view of a window sill looks so mysterious. Love it.

  9. Nancy - lovely to see you again. I see you have been busier than ever with your fabulous artwork.

    WoG - the windowsill is inside one of the beautiful rescued and rebuilt houses at the Welsh Folk Museum at St Fagans.

    Goosey & DW - it depends whether she finds a good job up there in the period between now and when we move . . .

    MM - you'll soon make friends. Quilt-making, cats and Pebbles will guarantee that.