Saturday 6 February 2010

A Sunny Saturday

My friend Jane, over at Winds of Change blogspot, has asked me to take part in a favourite song meme. Well, it didn't take too long for me to put my thinking cap on as it was a choice of two hot favourites, and this one won:

I fear I have totally given my age away now, but what the heck! It brings back SO many memories of going dancing at the Royal Pier in Southampton, and this often being the last slow number, and the lights shining on the mirrored ball which reflected round the dance floor, and Manhattan perfume, mini skirts (I was a size EIGHT then, jeepers!), pale tights, Mods and Rockers, scooters with chrome, parkas, sending lads to the bar for illicit Vodka and Limes, a smudge of grey eyeshadow and a lipstick called The Palest (I thought mascara was only for tarts!!) Then walking up the High Street to catch the Last Bus Home (at just gone 11 p.m.)

Now, to think of a few lovely people who might like to take part (though you don't HAVE to). The one who immediately springs to mind is my musical mate Al over at his BLOG,
crivens, jings and help ma blog. He has a wide and eclectic taste in music. . .

Then there is another good friend at Mornings Minion. She's busy packing at the moment, but if you can spare a moment to take part, that would be lovely.

To have a younger input than me, perhaps Preseli Mags might join us.

If you are not too busy Rowan, would you like to join in? Rowan's blog is Circle of the Year.

Last but not least, I am sure Snowgoosey has a favourite tune.

If you are to busy to join in, I understand.

For once, I am stuck for a suitable photo to accompany this too!

Today we have had sunshine, and I have gardened - now my body is protesting at stretching over and pulling out half a mile of grass runners from the island bed in the stable yard . . .


  1. Love your choice of song... that brings back so many memories.......
    But just to let you know when you click on the link you have provided it keeps going back to my blog (which is very nice.. lol!! but not what you need at this moment in time) if you remove the end part off the link (nXLI&feature+related) the link will work correctly and take you to the wonderful Procol Harum!!
    Love Jane xxx

  2. Thanks - dashed off as I'd just done the post, to have a bath, and then came back to check and realized I'd boo-booed!

  3. Nearly there... sorry but the link needs to be re~linked if you know what I mean and then it will be perfect.... Sorry... and quickly exiting...... Jane xxxx

  4. Errrm--does this game require any technical prowess? I've not been successful in my one or two attempts to make a direct link to another site. In thinking about this I expect that more than favorite songs I have favorite types of music.

  5. Hullo BB,


    Th lovely G laughed out loud when I rather proudly repeated your comment. She thinks my taste is very pedantic!

    But thanks anyway.

    I'll have a think and get back to you......

    Cheers from a feeling better Al.

  6. quick update......

    Yer dain ma heid in wi' this ane lassie......

  7. just popped over from Rhonda's blog down to earth. Absolutely loved your kitchen. Got to dash off now but I will be back as your blog looks so lovely. Cheers Linda

  8. I've done mine - didn't take long once I thought about it:)

  9. Hi Linda. Lovely to meet you and haste ye back.

    Rowan - why didn't I think of that one? There's a bit of it on a car ad at present and it brings back such memories . . .

  10. Ok, Thats me done it for you......