Friday 5 February 2010


This afternoon I have been looking through the beautiful book of Mary Webb's Poems and prose (The Spring of Joy) I found in the Laugharne bookshop 2 years back. Sadly, not just for pure pleasure, but to try and find a special poem for a close friend of mine whose best friend has just passed away. I just cannot imagine the immense pain of losing my best friend, of how I would cope with such a loss. We see such close friends as an extension of ourselves, a sibling, almost a mirror image. To have them snatched away in mid life with still so much to give and to live for is almost like a game where you are playing fair and by the rules, and suddenly Death cheats and wins.

So, for J, in memory of J, this is the nearest I can come to a poem of condolence:


We were in the hills of heaven
But yesterday!
All was so changeless, quiet, fair,
All swam so deep in golden air;
White-tapered chestnuts, seven by seven,
Went down the shady valleys there
Where daffodils are, and linnets play;
And singing streams of yellow and brown
Through golden mimulus ran down.
Ah, haunted were the hills of heaven,
Where no tree falls and none is riven,
Where the frail valley-lilies stay
Becalmed in beauty, every leaf
and every flower! Ah, bitter grief -
Remembering the hills of heaven
And yesterday!


  1. That is a fine poem---the lines are so full of a wistful beauty. There is the disbelief of too early loss, the rmembering and longing for a time of happy companionship.
    "Becalmed in beauty"---moments of harmony with someone very special and utterly at peace in the surroundings--such times are rare.
    I'm glad you found that for your friend.

  2. Dear Bovey Belle:This is quite a coincidence, since I just lost my best friend very suddenly this week and her first name begins with J. See my blog Flamblog. I had to check your location just to make sure. Take comfort in the love and laughter shared.

  3. Beautiful poem!!

    I have tagged you for a favourite song meme. Please take a look at my blog to see details. Only take part in this if you feel you would like to, thought you would find it great fun!!
    Much Love Jane xxxx