Monday 15 February 2010

Early morning in the Cothi valley - the view from my office window this morning.

There was a lovely soft milky light across the garden too, highlighted by the first strands of sunlight breaking through the murk.

This beautiful tapestry cushion of Corfe Castle (we know it well, from when we lived in Dorset), came my way yesterday in lieu of a bunch of Valentine's Day flowers from my husband. Far more practical and it is soundly stuffed and just fits perfectly into the small of my back.

At yesterday's Car Boot Sale I found - brand new and only 20p! - this fascinating little book by Brian John, the title of which says it all really. I will doubtless be quoting bits in weeks to come . . .

The Pevsner Guide to Derbyshire was 25 pence last week at our local Community Shop. As our eldest daughter lives in Sheffield, we drive through Derbyshire regularly and this will be in the car on our next visit. We have been to Haddon Hall, and fallen in love with that. Hardwick beckons, and then that other gem of Derbyshire architecture, Chatsworth.


  1. If you ever come across a book about the witches of Pittenweem it is chilling. It is all about people who were labeled witches in the 1700's in the tiny villages in Fife and what their fate was.
    On a brighter note ...those are wonderful photos of every aspect of that beach on the previous post.

  2. I love your finds and your heartfelt gift; the best kind :)

  3. I especially like the first photo--the moments between night and day are fascinating.
    Your pillow cover is a treasure!

  4. Nice finds and lovely photos (love the lichens)
    Thanks for the lovely cheerful header btw it always makes me smile