Saturday 27 February 2010

Welsh Cobs

Morning's Minion has been writing about the Morgan Horse over on her blog and I can remember reading, half a lifetime ago now, that someone had reckoned there was Welsh Cob blood in the mix that made Justin Morgan, the founder sire of the breed. It would certainly explain the incredible trotting gene . . . The photos shown were ones I took at our local show (Cothi Bridge) a couple of years ago. I reckon, put a few outcrosses to Thoroughbreds and here you have the Morgan horse . . . George Borrow wrote of riding a Welsh Cob which rattled his teeth and trotted at 16 mph! I will try and find the passage later.

Visit HERE
for photos of the Welsh Cob stallion lineups at the Royal Welsh show in 2007 and HERE for the complete Welsh cob lineups. If you click on the sire's name you will get direct links to the stallion websites, with photos. Ebbw Victor was the grandsire of our Maggie.


  1. Although I am not a "horse person" I've spent years around people who were very knowlegeable owners and trainers of Morgans. They are beautiful horses, full of heart and stamina. I think I lot of New England horses without known pedigrees have likely carried on the original strain. When I am where I can use the PC again, there is a wonderful story about the Morgan horses donated to the NY 5th Cavalry during the American Civil War.

  2. We had a pair of POAs, ponies of America, an Appolosa style pony when our daughter was horse mad in her teens. Enjoyed taking care of them more than riding them.

  3. Lovely photos...look like Spring to me--muddy but sunny. I love to see manes and tails blowing in the wind!