Friday 19 February 2010


We woke up to another smattering of snow this morning. I am disgruntled, as a) I HAVE to go out to collect my prescription from the Dr's and then take it into town to get it filled, and b) my computer is in having spyware removed from it, and my son's laptop, whilst better than nothing, is giving me RSI in shoulders/neck/wrists as I am doing the funky gibbon trying to dangle my hands above the keyboard to type on it!

I am listening, out of the corner of one ear, for the rumbling of the Big Digger which is nearly finished working Next Door and who has promised to come and give OH a lift up to clean the much-blocked guttering on the house. The bit we can't reach unless we parachute in . . .

No photos today as those appear to be still logged in under my son's name and not mine.


  1. Ah, the curse of a lurgied laptop. My commiserations. We've had a smattering of snow here too but nothing to worry about.

    Here's wishing you clear gutters......


  2. I can't help smiling BB at the funky gibbon image!

  3. Believe me WoG - my elbows will never be the same again - it's what comes from having a table higher than the chair!!!

    Al - he drove on by yet again today, and it will be Monday now before the possibility of gutter-duty arises. Wonder if I've got time to up OH's insurance?