Sunday 21 February 2010

Sunday morning

Well, we awoke to a smattering of snow and freezing fog again. We had decided yesterday not to bother with the car boot sale for weather reasons - and those of economy. So I will be able to enjoy the Archers omnibus with no interruptions today. Normally I would tackle the ironing mountain, but this is just a little pimple now that I am Being Good and keeping on top of it (though I hasten to add, mainly to Keep Warm!) I have bread dough to make for Pizza bases for tonight's meal, and I think I will sew together the two retro single duvet covers I have to make a double one for eldest daughter. That will keep me in the warm and by the radio.

Meanwhile yesterday I did a bit of this:

which is the replacement cornice for the Morning Room (just one wall which builders damaged beyond repair 10 years back). OH kept all the dentil teeth (the little square bits) and a couple of lengths of the wood from part of it, but is having to completely remake it now, using lengths of various moulding from Jewsons. My job is painting it . . .

Then I made one of these:

which is Apple Dappy and absolutely GORGEOUS. I have put the recipe up a couple of times but it is possibly on my original Codlinsandcream blog. There's all sorts on there and it's well worth having a trot through the archives.

Then there is my big x-stitch project, the biggest I've ever attempted. It is a Devon village, and it is lovely to sew, but I was doing the fiddly stitch here stitch there bits yesterday, putting in flowers and greenery on the white walled cottage at the back and it took a lot of concentration and was slow going.

Then we had a quick walk up the hill, and took some photos. The one at the top of the page is taken from quite near the house, looking across the valley. The view above is looking left, as we came back down the hill.

I plan to get out again later, once the Archers is over. Have a good day everyone. Say hello if you can (it gets lonely talking to myself!)


  1. More than a smattering of snow here BB, we've had a good 5 inches or more and the river was freezing this moring with little lumps of ice floating down it! I didn't have my camera with me either - that will teach me to take it with me in future! All your domestic activities are making me feel guilty, sound s like you are feeling more with it whereas I'm still doing very little:( I'll get my Wastwater out and finish it off - there you are you see, you're an inspiration!

  2. Sorry not been around much, its just been one of those weeks and where did it go!!!!
    Lovely photographs as ever and I love the views!
    Apple Dappy looks delicious and will at some point have a look for the recipe in your archives on the original blog!
    Your cross stitch is out of this world and how clever you are! Mum used to do cross stitch but it was the ones with the picture already printed on the canvas.
    Enjoy your sewing today and listening to the Archers and above all staying in the warm! Roll on warmer days and endless sunshine!! lol!!!
    Love Jane xxx

  3. I shall very much miss saying "hello" to you via blog land while I am without internet. No telling how long that will be, but I would anticipate quite a few weeks. When we are back here in between the moving expeditions, I should be clever enough to take the laptop into town to the library. I believe they have a wireless set up there.
    These last days of winter always linger so drearily--keeping warm and trying to avoid the doldrums is a big effort.
    I'm missing having my fabric and quilting books in plain sight. Its not that I have time to sew just now, although I have packed a little kit of hand applique to take on the road. [Kit as in pieces I cut myself some time ago for a magazine pattern.]
    Your husband's woodworking projects are as inspiting as your upholstery and stichery. I hope J. will do some wood-crafting [as opposed to house building!] when we are settled. I have a "list" for him of things I'd love to have hand made.

  4. Beautiful pictures and love your x-stitch project !

  5. I love it when I meet another Archers fan, my son and my friends tease me something rotten , but I have been listening for about 25 years and have converted my Husband too!

  6. Lovely photos of Wales Jennie, you are lucky to live there.. you started me on cross-stitch, went for a bunch of nasturiums (never can spell it) because I always love their summery colours, but its difficult having to translate from a chart - still its my first attempt!