Monday, 27 September 2010

Parallel Universe?

Is there really such a thing? Another dimension? Something that could explain ghosts and similar phenomena? I mention this as there was a piece in the paper today about husbands and wives/families being "on the same wavelength" as one another quite frequently. I've had this a LOT this past week where I have had a thought of a person - daughters - thinking, wonder when they're coming home, and the next moment they walk through the door. Or the phone rings and I say it's so and so, and it IS. But that's old hat, I could do that from early teens onwards.

How about phantom smells? I was going to bed one night and as I crossed the landing, just outside our bedroom door I smelt the unmistakable smell of a just-blown-out candle. My husband smelt it too. A past moment in time slotting into our time? A gift from a parallel universe? You tell me . . .


  1. What an interesting post. I think parallel universes are perfectly possible and would account for the odd flashes of deja-vu that we get - or I get them anyway:) Time is an odd thing moving at different speeds for different people depending on circumstances. My 24 hours passes slowly because I'm ill or worried whereas yours flashes by because you are having a wonderful time at Acton Scott! I've never come across a phantom smell but people pick up on different things, I tend to feel atmospheres rather than see or smell things. It's a fascinating subject.

  2. I cannot begin to explain it BB but like you I know it is there. So often I know who it is before i pick up the phone and, as Rowan says, time is such an odd thing. All I am really sure of is that there are more things in heaven and earth than we ever dreamed of Horatio (or something like that).

  3. Parallel Universe?

    Of coure there is. It's where my car keys go every time I put them down!!!


  4. Oh I am so glad that we are not the only ones who smell smells that are not there. That blown out candle smell is one I recognise along with a sweet honey/candy floss and the smell of a newly opened pack of puffed wheat idea what or why.
    Have just had a catch up of your blog ...great read and photos ...we have a Smudge too.

    Have to say that you were one of the ladies who inspired me to do a couple of posts which were visits to places and take the reader with me.

  5. I believe in parallel universes, reckon it must be sometimes that time gets ahead of us and we glimpse the future, or it could be all those sci-fi stories I read when younger. Only ever saw (or thought I saw) a ghost once...

  6. Yes why not a parallel universe or even doorways through time. Seen, felt and heard ghosts/spirits since i was a kid although I don't encourage them as there is enough going on with live people round here!

  7. I definately do (it would be silly to think that we know and see everything there is to know/see).
    I saw this bit on Carl Sagen's explanation of the 4th Dimension on youtube at - fascinating!