Sunday, 10 July 2022



Raubritter, one of my favourite roses. First seen when we visited Cothay Manor in Somerset to go to an antiques fair there (friends were standing and had given us free tickets).  I had this in the garden at Ynyswen too.

A tentative couple more flowers on The Lark Ascending - this vies for favourite non-Rambler rose.

Our "new" view from Tam's bedroom window. The world and his wife has been busy haymaking this week and the fields here have been cut, baled and carried.  This heat would have crisped the cut grass off in double quick time.

Another unwelcome guest, found legging it down the stairs yesterday evening.  They must be coming down the chimney in Tam's bedroom, but it's all sealed up firmly with boards and gaffer tape, so I don't know where they are getting through.  It was most disgruntled at being urged to climb onto some cloth so I could take it outside - lots of mini squeals and it even bit the cloth though I was being gentle.  I carried it out to K's workshop and it is gone this morning.

When I went down the town yesterday to get some bits and bobs, I found myself in the middle of the British Motor Rally Championship - the Builth Wells leg.  I fairly shot up the hill to Co-op and turned left, but of course, a 30 limit there so I wasn't exactly holding up the car behind me anyway.  The Groe was filled with big Pirelli Tyre vehicles and lots of spectator cars.  From our garden, you could hear them growling as they changed gear up the hills on the Eppynt road towards Brecon.

Once again, we are waiting for medication to work, though to be honest, K seems worse.  I think he is still not drinking enough, despite encouragement from me and the P. nurse.  Sigh.

I spent yesterday looking at the beautiful weather, desperate to go somewhere (fat chance) and instead setting to and decorating in the kitchen.  The darker teal/jade wall glows like a jewel with the sun on it. Photos to follow when it's all done . . .

Things to be grateful for this week:

New medication to hopefully help Keith.

Financial support ditto - still hoping to find the right Mobility Scooter.

Wayleave cheque for the electricity pole on our orchard paddock.  Nice to have money coming IN! after all the BIG bills associated with the new kitchen.

A beautiful garden.

Good friends.

Living somewhere so beautiful.


  1. Would a cat bring in a bat? Ours did once many years ago.
    What a worry about Keith and the new medication taking a long time to work.
    When Col was in and out of hospital he said that many of the people older than him with other health problems often ended up in hospital due to dehydration and then that would cause a UTI which in turn made people woozy and unable to know what they were doing. Hope you can get him to drink more.

    1. Oh yes, but I know when it gets really hot, bats exit the roof - I've seen them flying in daytime. These have almost certainly come down the chimney and perhaps a seemingly flat and in place piece of gaffer tape can be lifted by a determined bat.

      The new, new medication also takes 2 -3 weeks to work! Tearing my hair out here from sheer frustration.

      I know how dangerous drinking too little is, but of course, the old "it makes me wee more" is trotted out - that is what all old people seem to say, and he had the start of a UTI a few weeks back which was fortunately nipped in the bud by a course of a-b's. I am being Persistant about Water!

    2. popsicles (ice lollies?)

  2. Wow the Lark Ascending rose - how beautiful

    Sorry to hear about your husbands health problems, life must feel tricky for you. It does help when you live in a lovely place but can also be frustrating, especially when you want to get out and about and illness puts a brake on activities.
    Alison in Wales x

    1. Isn't it gorgeous Alison? Especially as the sun is off it in early evening. Almost luminescent.

      Life does indeed feel tricky. We had so many plans for when we moved and were nearer NT properties etc, but Keith is confined to barracks right now - just moving around the house, although we did get him up into the garden this afternoon.

  3. Heat wave is hitting here as well. We were in Fforest Fields last week and left last Thursday evening. I know there was an off road motorbike event on this weekend. Like you I have been caught up in a rally and know they service at the Welsh Showground. That day I nearly went on to look and oggle at the cars (petrol head) but though better to get back. I don't know how your thinking of getting a mobility scooter but there are a few places south of you sell them. Like you I have been watering plants especially the greenhouse. Just bought my wife one of these Sony Cyber-Shot RX10 IV Digital Camera

    1. I think I saw some of the off-road bikes when I was coming back from shopping in Llandod. There were also some wonderful WW1 and earlier vintage cars out on a jolly. It was good to see them.

      We went to Abergavenny to look at the Mobility place there, but the one most suitable they showed us was just Too Heavy, even when broken down, to lift from floor to back of car height. I can manage a sack of spuds, as you can grasp it around the waist, but this to be hefted in a car at arm's length wasn't doable for me - particularly as time will not be on my side for fitness in the future!

      Gosh, you've got a lucky wife! I hope she enjoys it.

  4. You do live in a really beautiful area. Brave you on carrying the bat out...I panic for some reason when I see them. They scare me and I really don't know why.

    God bless.

    1. We are very fortunate to live here. We're only two miles from a town which serves many of our needs, yet we could be in the middle of nowhere and the views all round are just so lovely. We didn't think much of Builth before we moved here - it's just one street and we only ever drove through it on our way to Antiques Fair as at the showground, or further North.

      Tam also gets hysterical about bats (on the wing) but that bat wasn't going to get outside on its own accord and if it ever got downstairs, the cats might have it. I used a stout old flannel to take it out.