Monday 4 July 2022

Essentials only being done today

 I have had a busy weekend as I had notice that the Fair I thought of doing this month was  2 weeks earlier than I thought (and not a month on from the last one).   With all the MANY financial outgoings recently I decided to try and recoup some money and also rehome Pre-Covid stock (still several boxes waiting to be emptied).  On Saturday afternoon I was already tired and stressed and the last thing I wanted to do was to pack the car, but I did it.

One of the Red teams, with Philip Serrell, shopping opposite me.

The Fair was back "home" in Carms, so 55 miles away.  I was awake at 4.15 a.m. and  didn't have to rush.  Forecast was a 5% or 10% chance of rain.  As I drew near, it began to rain, and then settled to a steady drizzle.  It didn't look any drier towards the West either.  I joined the queue to get in for an outside pitch, then turned round and parked up in a layby to see if it would stop.  It didn't, but I thought I haven't come all this way to go home, so went in and managed to get an inside pitch.  As it turned out, not too difficult as some folk just hadn't turned up.  Of course, I then had to carry all my stock into the building instead of just offloading it outside the car.  It was tiring but a chap helping out there brought my heaviest boxes in for me, bless him.  I set up - and the sun came out!  

Bargain Hunt were filming all day with several sets of Blue and Red Teams.  I will appear briefly when Charles Hanson and a team were asking about a piece of Torquay Pottery on my stand.  I presume these will show in the autumn.

A dealing friend of ours was set up in the other half of the square of tables I was at, and one of the Blue Teams bought a Cornet from her.

Another pair of Reds nearby.

It was a loooooong day - hardly any customers through - it used to be packed, pre-Covid.  Rumour has it that the Fair isn't advertised much (if at all) so I doubt I will bother to go again.  Time really dragged, but it was nice to see lots of old friends and they all wanted to be remembered to Keith - he is much missed.  Gosh, I missed him too, as he always packed the car so efficiently (and indeed, sat on a Chair and directed packing on Saturday) and carried all the heavy stuff.

On my way home, I popped into see some friends of ours, and it was lovely to see them again and catch up on news.

My final intention was to go round St Mary's Church, the oldest church (12 th C I think) at Llandovery.

BUT . . .

A shame, as I'd have loved to have seen the inside of the church.

Feeling low as Keith's medication isn't really working for him.  Being so tired, I am not in a good place in my head - I have had a gut feeling all along that this would happen.  We have been waiting for medication to help him ALL YEAR - first Thyroid pills and now what was prescribed by the Consultant who was so certain there would be what seemed like a miracle 3 weeks in - they've got till tomorrow to effect that miracle. Keith has only had very minor improvements in various symptoms.

We see the Parkinson's Nurse on Thursday so hoping she can advise (she is authorised to prescribe medication too).


  1. The ups and downs of life Jennie. Not sure what the health and safety reason were, unless the graves have started sinking, something you see over time on old church yards. Bad luck about the fair, it will probably be a while before business starts looking up. I suppose many people who sold took on different jobs. Give Keith my love and stay strong yourself.

  2. Well, not so many people selling, but that we think is down to lack of customers! This was the one we visited in June, and the sellers were an entirely new lot - folk we'd never seen before. Yesterday it was almost like old times, lots of familiar faces. Dealers have a tendency to stay . . . dealers! Mainly the thrill of the chase and the chance of finding something really good.

    Have passed your love on to Keith, who said he would love to wave a magic wand and have you and Paul sitting at the kitchen table again, and having intelligent conversation (he never thought there was anyone local to us who could talk about things which interested him).

    Feeling a little more positive now I'm not quite so exhausted.

  3. How disappointing to have few customers at the fair, the high point is you may be on TV on an episode of a show (I don't know the show, being here in California). I hope Keith gets his medications adjusted to show great health improvements. I would like to visit that church inside.

    1. I think many people are feeling the pinch because of the cost of living shooting up - and fuel is no exception. People unlikely to come from Cardiff for the Fleamarket - even Swansea may be too far these days. I've been on Bargain Hunt a few times before - great fun. This time it was a lesson in what not to buy as run of the mill Torquay Pottery not worth more than a few pounds unless it's a very rare piece.

      I am praying Keith gets his medications adjusted so they bring real benefit. Meanwhile he is diligent with his chair-squats.

      I shall try and find out why the churchyard's shut and whether the church can be viewed "by appointment"!

  4. I am sorry that you didn't have more customers at your fair. I do hope the medicines start to work soon or that the Parkinson's Nurse has some more ideas for Keith.

    God bless.

    1. Well, they were the sort of customers not averse to buying, so it could have been worse, and it was worth my while to go (though it didn't feel like that yesterday morning!)

      The Consultant we saw last week spoke of an "add-on" that the Parkinson's nurse could prescribe. I think Physio is what he needs though, as he is no longer totally fatigued from the moment he gets up and his muscles aren't rigid and fighting movement either. At least the pills have achieved that.

  5. Are you ever tempted to sell everything off really cheaply at some of the fairs and have a really good clear out of older stock? It's what I did after closing both my shops and deciding that even car boot sales were getting more trouble than they were worth. Sometimes it's nice to get right back to basics again with a core stock of new items that no-one has seen before and it makes for a more interesting day.

    I hope the Parkinson's nurse can sort something out for Keith.

    1. The dealer in me cringes at this - I like to get what I paid for them, or a little below. Plus getting new stock is difficult at the moment. No local auctions here, so there is the fuel for going to view the sale and then either going on the day or bidding online and going to collect, which all adds up. Other dealers say the same. I don't do many Fairs now (this was a last minute decision) - just the Builth one where there are so many different people through that my old stock is always "new" to someone!

      We will see what the Parkinsons' Nurse has to say on Thursday. What she doesn't know isn't worth knowing, that much is certain.

  6. Hi BB, hope you’ve recovered after your busy weekend. I am worn out mentally after five hours in the bookshop so I can imagine how exhausting standing at a Fair must be plus a long drive and all the packing and hauling of stock. I’m having a quiet day after hosting our wool spinning group yesterday morning and going to book group in the evening, except I have two cubic metres of logs arriving today which will need stacking in the field shelter. There is no rest! Our experience of Sinemet/levadopa (contrary to what the neuroogist said who proclaimed we would see a miraculous improvement within weeks) is that it has been a slow and gradual improvement over the last three months. There are definitely good days and bad days but the best days are always when fun physical exercise (in our case cycling, swimming, playing table tennis, dancing around the kitchen) is achieved. I know this isn’t going to be possible for Keith but any activity that makes Keith feel happy will be beneficial. Try not to worry BB (easier said than done I know as I am a Worrier). Thinking of you and sending love and moral support. Sarah x

    1. I am glad to report I have more energy today Sarah. Yesterday the sofa and I had a close connection! My brain is back in residence too.

      I look at my spinning wheel and think I should never have bought it as life always gets in the way of spinning or sewing or crafts.

      Sounds like we saw the same specialist, as ours claimed the same. Perhaps they just want to be positive . . . Slow and gradual we can cope with, as long as it does help. Little improvements have been made - Keith doesn't freeze in every doorway now - and he is eating better (though still won't eat his greens!) I think we just need to know what to expect and it's clearly more waiting. Thank you for that. He's still not able to move around much - turning is dicey, and car journeys of more than 30 minutes take several days to recover from, as does walking too far. It is so frustrating. Thank you for your input, fellow-Worrier! It helps so much to hear from someone who is walking the same walk as us. THANK YOU.

  7. So sorry to hear medication for Keith not working so far as well as you had hoped. I hope you have recovered too from the long day and work at the Fair. Thinking of you. What a shame you couldn't get in the church as it looks so very interesting. As a fellow worrier who at the moment seems prone to anxiety at the moment the one thing I find helps me is going out even somewhere local for an hour or so although I do appreciate it is difficult for you and Keith at the moment.

    1. From what Sarah has said it works a lot slower. Feeling back to my old self today and have been busy decorating in the kitchen.

      I have found a phone number for the church (Vicar or warden) so may see if I can book a visit.

      Meditation helps anxiety. So does walking. When we were selling our old home and we were having real problems with the demands of the buyer, I even turned to Gin! I think meditation's a better bet though :)

      I can usually get an hour or two away with Keith OK here, so get to see friends or go for a walk.

  8. Hope you can get the church opened for you.