Thursday 20 January 2011

A.R.O.S. for today

More of Gloucester tomorrow - the Cathedral then.

For the meantime, here is today's AROS: The Cothi valley at dawn:

Peachy sunshine neons the hillslope above the shadow in the hoar-frosted midnight-moonlit valley.


  1. I like picture the words conjure, but I'm having trouble saying "midnight-moonlit."
    I know, you didn't ask us to read them out loud.
    Sunshine here today--so welcome!

  2. It was strange, as the moon was still quite high in the sky and a really full moon at that, but it still lit the valley bottom, whilst the sides were aflame with the sun . . . Sorry it's a tongue-twister MM.

    Terra - glad you enjoyed it too. I just wish I'd had the camera with me.