Saturday 22 January 2011

A.R.O.S. for today

On a Misericord in Gloucester cathedral . . .

. . . Two dragons crouch and loop medullary curves, released from imagination . . .


  1. I love it when I have to stop and look up the definition of a word. "Medullary" grabbed me in th preview window so I found the definition, but didn't "get it" until I put the picture with the word.
    A clever one!

  2. Well I had to give in and look up medullary also. What imaginations the people of the middle ages had.

  3. I was gently pleased with myself too!!! I know the word because of my woodworking husband . . .

  4. It's been a long while since I went misericord spotting. This is a lovely one. I'm not surprised it inspired you.