Monday 17 January 2011

A Day Out!

I'll write this up properly tomorrow, but we had a rare day out today - paid for by middle daughter G, bless her. We went to Gloucester, and had a look around the Antiques centre in the historic Docks and we also visited the beautiful Cathedral.

A.R.O.S. for today (2 of them):

The milky mynydd crouches, pierced by a dark tree like a lollipop etched against sunlight.

Seen through a welter of roadside trees, the sun shines primevaly.


  1. It is good to hear that you had your day out, despite the weather.
    We enjoyed our day in Gloucester, a few years ago now. I`m looking forward to your photos!

  2. Somewhere I haven't had the chance to explore. Gloucester to me is the traffic jams encountered on our early trips to Wales, before we perfected the route.

    These days, until chicken sitters can be arranged, we're restricted to day trips.

    Say hello to the House of Cats for me next time you go to Hay or Hereford.

  3. Good for you to have a fun day out! Can't wait to see all the pics...

  4. DW - it was a breath of fresh air for us - a day to forget present troubles.

    Blue Shed! - Fancy seeing you here. I was only thinking of you last week too. The House of Cats is even more fally-down now . . . Even the cats had forsaken it last time we drove past.

    SH - I shall have to post them up tomorrow now - have had a busy day today.