Saturday, 22 January 2011


AROS for Friday (late!): Is it my grandmother stirring the spoon, or my hand guided by her memory?

After a lifetime of trying to make sponge cakes which are edible, yesterday I finally cracked it, when a forum friend gave me a "weight of an egg" style recipe which WORKED! I am so pleased with myself!


  1. Yes I agree, there is an art to making a sponge cake but once you have cracked it, you have it for life.

  2. I am not a great cake-baker, but I have a recipe for sponge cake that J.'s Aunt Dorothy always made to put under fresh berries. I wouldn't attempt any other!

  3. Looks ok but the proof is in the eating.

    Please send completed cake to me for quality checking........

    p.s. for ongoing consistency please repeat on a fortnightly basis...........

  4. Oh I know that "weight of an egg" thing but I can never get it to work! Well done. The cake looks lovely.

  5. BB, I recently discovered the weight of an egg method as well and it made the best cake I have ever baked ... just in time to give up eating cake *lol*