Sunday 30 January 2011

The Beast of Brechfa on Holiday?

There has been another sighting of a Big Beast here in Wales. I've written before about our local one, the Beast of Brechfa, which has worryingly been described as "black panther type" and a afriend of mine said the one she had seen crossing the road was BROWN. Oh oh, more than one sort hereabouts then.

Anyway, this latest sighting was made by an ex-Policeman ( so more credible, apparently) in Pembrokeshire, about 6 miles above Haverfordwest at Treffgarne. In the past, such a creature has also been seen at Mathry, which is to the North of Treffgarne. This was a black panther type of cat, with some browny blotches on its coat. It crossed the quiet road in front of the ex-Policeman, who was driving very slowly at the time. We will see if there are any more sightings in the weeks to come. Just found a link to the actual report:

A.R.O.S. Citrus eyes, a gleaming coat, a twitch of a tail and he is gone.


  1. I hope he/she keeps well clear of humans - I love the idea of a panther roaming the countryside - even if he does take the odd lamb - I am sure he will be keeping the rabbit population down.

  2. Intriguing! I imagine that in the wilder parts of Wales it would be quite possible for a large cat to live mostly unseen. I love your header picture - how beautiful the colours are.

  3. Like the Weaver of Grass, I hope he may live on to prowl the more unoccupied parts of Wales! or maybe you could adopt him/her as one of your 'pussycats'

  4. One thing I've noticed is that cats in the countryside look much bigger from a distance. Several times I've seen largeish cats on for sides of fields, only to meet up with a pocket rocket of a farm moggy.

    Another thing to calm your nerves. About 20 years back, there were reports of a lion seen in parkland near Potters Bar. Turned out to be a Golden Retriever that had had its back end clipped for a vetinary procedure.

  5. BS - there definitely IS one about as it was found eating a Whippet it had killed in someone's back garden back in 2003(I assume the Whippet could have put up a decent fight with the average moggy!) This was in Llangadog village. It was seen nearby at Llangadog Creamery by one of the lorry drivers there. Here's the link for the latest sighting:

    There are apparently several like him which have been seen on the Gwent levels too.

    Our "local" one, apart from killing the Whippet, attacked a mare and foal just a mile away from us - an Irish Draught mare too, so not Shetland pony sized! If you ever visited Brechfa Forest, you would know that something could hide out in the middle of there and never been seen in 100 years unless it came out looking for food.

  6. No panthers here, but frequently we are seranaded by coyotes howling at the moon. When I first started reading, I was afraid you were going to be tallking about a Welsh version of the chupacabra, but a panther sounds much better. I would love to see the forest...

  7. At least your panther is in Wales, so it will not have its forest sold off to the highest bidder!

    I too hope that the Beast will be left alone to live its life, although I might feel differently if I had lambs or foals in the neighbourhood.