Thursday, 13 January 2011

Short and sweet

That's what my postings will have to be for a while, as I am sharing my computer with my daughter and her boyfriend as theirs needs a new cable.

The heavy rain we have had over the past few days has had its obvious conclusion, with flooding on the Carmarthen flood plain where the Towy has burst its banks, and our own Cothi is several feet higher than it was a few days ago. It will rise and drop quite radically within the space of a few hours, and is a regular occurrence in our valley. Nothing on the scale of the dreadful flooding in Brisbane and Toowoomba though, thank heavens, although in 1987 they had catastrophic flooding in this area and neighbours still tell of the bridge holding up fallen trees until the river, in spate, had no option but to pass over the TOP of the bridge, and consequently flooded the bungalow and cottage by the side of it to a depth of more than 4 feet.

Whilst I was driving into town for my physio appointment this morning, although concentrating on the road, I could see enough of the flooded Towy to form today's A.R.O.S., which I jotted down the moment I parked at the Hospital. Here it is:

After heavy rain, the river nosy-parkers across sodden fields, nudging hedgerows with curious fingers and shining like a lake of mercury.


  1. I don't share my computer graciously. The times I've had to do it for awhile haven't gone well--I was the one who ended up with no computer time.
    I bought J. a lap top in self defense and I have only used it a few times when we traveled.
    Hope the new 'cable' materailizes soon--family tensions are delicate enough without that.

  2. That does look like a river in full flood! Seems like a long while since I've seen a river like that, tho' we've had our share of rain this year -- in 'sunny' Southern California.

  3. Flooding, heavy rainfall, snow, what are we doing to our envoirment? Global Warming!I am visiting Sorrento in British Columbia, we have hsd 43 inches of snow to date and more coming. The southern prairies hsve had a lot of snow this year and are concerned that the Red River will flood again. In 1997 we had the 'Flood of the Century'