Sunday 16 January 2011

Things that make me cry

This has to be one of them. I just LOVE John Denver's voice and Jacque Cousteau's programmes have just bought my childhood into such sharp focus. I just sat here listening to this and sobbing . . .

I wish I could show you a photo but they are all subject to possible copyright . . .


  1. This song - and Jacques Cousteau - speak volumes to me too. Very happy childhood memories of both John Denver's songs and the voyages of Calypso were essential viewing in our house. One of the few things that would get me back into the house to be truthful.

    Thanks for reminding me BB.

    Now dry those tears!

  2. I'm on a roll now Al - currently listening to Davy Steele (Battlefield Band) singing Norland Wind. Dear God, his voice brings tears to my eyes too . . . What a loss his passing was . . .

  3. My first husband passed away about 5 years ago. So many things remind me of him. We were moving into one of our houses along the way and John Denver's voice was playing on the radio..."Take Me Home Country Roads". Forevermore, when I hear that song, I'm unpacking the kitchen in that happy little house in Memphis, Tennessee...and all of a sudden, I'm in tears. Just can't help it.

  4. SH - I am so sorry to hear that and John Denver's voice (and that song) must break your heart every time you hear it. (((HUGS)))