Sunday 9 January 2011

A Merlin walk. . .

"In this landscape are the footprints of Saints and the memories of Merlin." A.R.O.S. for today . . .

. . . Well, sort of. We could see Merlin's Hill, so that's good enough for me. My eldest daughter and I decided to blow the cobwebs away and have a lovely walk around Colomendy, and those fabulous views across the Towy valley down towards Carmarthen town.

Looking up the next valley over, towards Horeb.

Down towards Colomendy with the view unfolding at our feet.

The many-hilled Towy valley.

On the East-facing banks there were plenty of Foxgloves which had survived the recent snow. A promise of things to come.

If you look carefully (you will probably have to click on and enlarge) you will see the first tentative pussy paw buds from some Willow in the hedgerow - a shame someone cut the hedge .
. .
Climbing back in the direction of home.

The Big House in this area, seen through the trees. Grander than ours - but nothing like as old!

Below: looking down on our house, and the farm beyond. Better than the aerial view . . .


  1. What stunning views, BB. Wow!!
    I am so jealous....looks like spring.
    Have a great week BB. Take care

  2. Oh, I just adore those hills, what a beautiful part of the country.

  3. Oh I wish it were not so far to drive. Merlin's Hill - Bryn Myrrdin (have I spelt it correctly?); and the fabulous Tewi river. Sadly,now my sister no longer lives in Haverfordwest, our visits to this magical part of Wales are less likely, and I feel bereft. For 'Merlin in his Crystal Cave' has captivated me since I first read the poem (was it Edwin Muir's?) in the early 50s.

  4. It sounds like a lovely restorative walk for you and T. And, just think--a GREEN landscape instead of that tiresome snow!

  5. Denim & Kath - we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful area with fabulous views.

    Ann - Merlin's Hill is about 7 miles from us I'd guess. What a shame you have no need to travel this way to visit your sister. I've not read the poem but read Mary Stuart's Crystal Cave 30 or more years ago . . .

    MM - I LIKE green. They can keep the white stuff!

  6. What amazing views and all just a brief walk for you! I enjoyed it very much...thank you for sharing.