Wednesday 5 January 2011

Serotonin needed . . .

Sorry, my poor brain is quite addled after sleeping VERY poorly for 4 nights out of 5. I had several ideas for blogging, but I can barely string a sentence together at the moment. I have started a new knitting project to try and cheer myself up. The purl rows are wonderful, but my poor brain is struggling to remember one stitch after another in the pattern rows! It is looking pretty though, and at least is using up some of my wool stash and I have to sit still to do it.

Anyway, all thoughts are of bed at the moment, so I shan't be late up the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire tonight . . .

(Photo taken at Acton Scott. I had a bed just like this when I was a child, and I used to tie a piece of string to the bed ends and hang a sheet over it so I could pretend I was camping!)


  1. Poor you! Hope you get a good night's sleep soon. I'm knitting too - dishcloths for Juliette:)

  2. You Are Getting Sleepy....Very...Very..... Sleepy.....<--- said in my very best hypnotist voice.

    Hope you slumber well tonight!

  3. The Irish say
    Sleep is always the best thing......

  4. We used to make tents out of our beds too. I do know the mushy feeling that comes with lack of sleep. I need 9-10 hours!! My husband says I get that mushy feeling from too much sleep. But when I don't get enough he gets to hear my grumpiness.

  5. Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I took two Valerian capsules last night, which helped. I will go for a brisk walk later as that helped my sinuses two days ago (and the endorphines were GREAT!)

    Back later. . .

  6. I get to sleep OK but them wake too early and can't drift off again. I've been fine while I wasn't having to get up for work.... That might tell me something. Hope you get a few good nights rest soon.

  7. Insomnia always comes in chunks--until one is worn to a frazzle--depressing! In warmer weather I deal with it by getting up to read--in winter, night time ventures about the house mean togging up with down robe, finding both my slippers [shoved under the bed by cats] and maybe some wooly socks, a small blanket, etc, and then making noise to stoke the fire---the alternative being to huddle in bed and replay all the dismal thoughts that visit at such times!
    Blessed are they who regularly have a "good night's sleep."