Friday 7 January 2011

Rain, not snow . . .

A very few snowflakes first thing - a teacupful sprinkled on the path. Then . . . rain. I never thought I would welcome it so much. I have never dreaded snow before.

A gaggle of raindrops shuffles along the fence wire. Weeping willows weep. As I sit in the car park, tyres hiss on wet tarmac. A robin sings.


  1. I like the raindrops shuffling along the fencewire!

  2. I know I am a realist because rain says to me -- mud! Yet in another minute I can be just as poetic. Got to go out and get some more photos to brighten my world or shift my thinking.

  3. ChrisJ - I can cope with mud right now, but with no grit in the grit boxes (next door farmer had to use it to grit the hill so that the milk tanker could get in), more snow is going to be catastrophic here . . .

    MM - it made me smile to watch them!