Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Daft cat . . .

I think my son needs a job. In fact, I'm sure he needs a job. Look at what he was up to whilst I was in the bath . . . Yup, Honey, in her Batman cape . . . To think this used to fit my son too! He'd struggle to get it round his calf now!

This is a little Coal Tit (bottom left) which arrived for the peanut goodies today. I don't often see one - love his little white-striped head (like a badger) - reminds me of a lady needing her roots recoloured . . . Underneath he is a pretty buff colour.

I recycled all my Christmas cards this year - most of them got made into gift tags for next Christmas, and the residue went to help start the fire. However, special ones like those above (thank you Rosie and Dorothy), have been put into use for little sewing projects, where they hold the embroidery silks and remind me of their senders.

This is the project I am working on flat out as I am forever losing my little green embroidery scissors. The Aida material is a pale green, and I love the combination of lilac and green colours, so pretty to work with. I have unpicked the few stitches I placed a row too far over and have completed the border, and some more of the outlining of each individual flower (!). I've just done the butterfly too, but there is another one to sew on the reverse of the holder. Then a bit more outlining and I can start to sew it together, make the tassel and fix on the cord to hold the scissors.


  1. Oh, cute patient kitty...but i am known for dressing up my very first screenname was katznhatz...I recycle Xmas cards into gift tags too!

  2. Our daughter gets bored and dolls up the cats and dogs--and she is old enough to know better! Some people do get easily bored.
    I've never though of putting out peanuts for the birds--might give it a try.

  3. M - We're on our 2nd BIG sack of peanuts this winter, due to the weather. Normally one will do us, as long as I don't start feeding too early. Peanuts and wild bird seed are the most common feedstuffs bought for the wild birds. I would like to feed Niger seed throughout the winter too, but finances dictate otherwise.

    Teri - I can remember when we were kids, my best friend dressed up her cat in doll's clothes and put him in the pram (like Honey, Davy was very long-suffering!)

  4. I love that little scissor keeper, very pretty. I think it is part of a pets life that if they live in a family they must expect to be dressed up! Wrecks has a coat I made him which he wears on Christmas day, It's red with white 'fur' round it.