Saturday, 23 January 2010

Yesterday's walk

A Pied Wagtail and, on the ridge (though you may have to double click and enlarge the photo) a Grey (or Water) Wagtail.

After cracking on out in the garden yesterday, the day was so spring like it demanded a walk. Plus there was a beautiful light from the lowering winter sun. For once, my son came with me, which made a lovely change from walking on my own. We didn't go far - just over the bridge and turn left and up the valley for 3/4 of a mile or so, but it was good to get out and I intend to do so again today - if I can wake up that is!

The deeply-creased and fissured bark gives a toehold to the ivy creeping up it.

Sunshine. Just what we needed after all that snow and ice.

Mossy branches stretch across the stream.

This is a road often-walked, but the familiar fields, the gorse coverts surrounding the Iron Age enclosure atop the hill, and the memories of riding along here, and leading my children on little Jo-Jo, the bay Section A mare they grew up with, make it a very comforting walk.

Although it was still quite bright, pointing the camera straight into the sun gives quite a dimpsey effect.

As we turned the last corner to walk up our hill, the sunlight lit up the ivy leaves, making them almost an acid green and the only colour in the landscape.


  1. You always take such fine photos, you obviously have an "eye" for these things. I loved the splash of bright green in the monochrome setting, perfect!

  2. Thank you both. The last photo just screamed out to be taken.

  3. I've never minded taking the same walk many times. If I had ever lived in a city it would likely be a different story.
    Sometimes I walk, hardly noticing familiar surroundings, walking to think or "walk off" stress. Other times even the familiar takes on a new look and every leaf or twig or bird is a fresh wonder.
    So much green during winter in your landscape. Green is not predominant even in the summer in the interior west--only in the mountains or on irrigated land.

  4. your tree photos move me, thank you.