Sunday, 3 January 2010

Still snowed in . . .

Were it not for our hill, we might be able to just get out, but it's horrendous on the bend in the middle, where one side is frozen stream and the other frozen compressed snow. Unfortunately, we are going to have to get out with Honey to the vet's tomorrow as she has a very sore eye and it's only very slightly improved on yesterday . . . I don't want it getting worse, though my husband reckons I'm panicking (but I'm not). Time to "phone a friend" I think - one with a 4x4.


  1. Your photos look so beautiful, but personally I would not want to risk a car journey under those conditions. So I hope you do find/know a 4x4 friend who can take you and your dog to the vet tomorrow. (And I just love your blog header).

  2. It looks so beautiful around where you live, the problem is having to go places when it's like this! Hope you get Honey safely to and from the vet tomorrow and that she is soon better. THere's a letter on its way:)

  3. Oh dear! Emergency vet trips do seem to coincide with uncoperative weather--and is there ever a time when such things don't tug at the budget!
    I seem to recall that Honey was the one [?] who did damage to Lucy's eye--payback time for the poor creature.
    I continues COLD here, though the local roads aren't icy. A trip to the PO and the grocery store are over-due, while I only want to huddle indoors. My late mother would have called me a "house-plant."

  4. yes, 4x4's are essential.
    wishing you the best as you drive out.
    your photos are wonderful.

  5. Good luck for the vet and the travelling.........

  6. Gulp...looking at the amount of snow up on the telephone/power lines... I would be praying they didnt come down overnight.
    Its so beautiful though,inconvinient but beautiful :o)
    GTM x

  7. Very beautiful snow scenery ( you could make next year`s Christmas cards with these) but lethal for travelling! I hope you find a 4x4 friend to help with Honey`s journey to the vet.

  8. Oh dear why do these things happen at the worst time! I am sure your neighbours will help out!
    Think maybe its time to consider (if possible) purchasing another 4X4... at least it won't snow once you have brought one!!!
    Hope you manage to get Honey sorted out!
    Keep Warm!! Love Jane xxx

  9. Well, we now have to dig out way out down the hill and bring up barrowfuls of grit from a part-filled bin at the bottom. The 4x4 friend I phoned last night got out yesterday in her Landy, but it went into free-fall going down her steep hill home, so she's staying put now! Beyond our hill we should be able to get out if we go slowly.

    MM - it was either Lucky or Fluff who dabbed Lucy. Honey and Lucy hate each other, but so far no fisticuffs - this was a pure accident.

  10. It looks beautiful there - but then beauty doesn't always go hand in hand with practicality does it?

    Good luck with your trip to the vets!

    Mrs C x