Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday sunrise

We had the most fabulous sunrise this morning. However, that old saying, "Red sky at night, shepherd''s delight, red sky at morning, shepherd's warning" came true and we had snow just after breakfast. Not too much - just enough to make life interesting going down our steep zig-zag hill! Not a gardening day then . . .

After we'd collected our son from his friend's house at X-hands, I stayed indoors and made this:

and this:

Cheese and Mustard Scone, and a fresh loaf of bread which rose very well as it was half white and half Spelt flour.


  1. My mouth is watering BB. The nice thing about making bread is that it makes the house warm and leaves a tempting smell too.

  2. Lovely colors captured in the early morning photos! The scones and bread are very appealing--would that be a pinch of dry mustard in the recipe? Almost anything benefits from the addition of cheese--a good Cheddar.
    Bread making is probably the last "normal" kitchen task I will relinquish in this madness of packing and moving!

  3. MM - I'll post the recipe later. It's about a tsp of dry mustard I think. Using Spelt flour, the bread rises beautifully - now I know why Spelt flour is always the first to go from the supermarket shelves!

    WoGrass - I must confess that "making the house warm" was on a par with needing bread yesterday, as we had snow again. The thing about home-made bread is that one slice fills you - unlike the spongey supermarket sort which needs half a loaf for the same effect!