Monday, 18 January 2010

Marking time

Sunrise this morning:

You will have to forgive the somewhat trivial content of my blog in recent weeks. I have been marking time, waiting for inspiration which - although curling round the back of my legs - is reluctant too commit itself fully to reaching my brain and my fingertips . . . I feel I am in limbo - and the snow didn't help as it prevented me from doing any of the jobs which need to - have to - be done. Now it's time to play catch-up and I will be wielding my paintbrush once again, learning to put fresh putty along window edges, and doing that wonderfully-exhausting job, winter digging the vegetable plots . . .

Hopefully I will have blogging inspiration too . . .


  1. Hullo BB,

    I thought the dawn this morning was gorgeous.

    I think many of us have been struggling to regain form after the last few weeks! I know I have.......

    Think positive: those jobs are perfect for subliminal musings.


  2. Beautiful photo - no lovely sunrise here, we have thick fog. Know what you mean about inspiration, can't think of anything much to write about on my blog either.

  3. I think you have been doing marvellously on your blog and most certainly much better than I... my last entry was December 5th.... however I do have one I am working on waiting in the wings so to speak..... and guess I will most definitely have to try harder!!! Gorgeous photograph by the way, makes one feel all spring like!!
    Jane xxx

  4. I doubt you could ever be trivial! I think we are most of us in a sort of seasonal hibernation---a lot of energy goes into withstanding the cold!
    I've had several essays on the "back burner"---too fuzzy-witted to sort my thoughts.
    In the meantime, the weather, the cats, daily life, are all around us, and we're faithfully reporting.

  5. There's nothing like a spot of really hard work BB to get the old brain cells working. I love your header, particularly the blueness of it. Has all your snow gone then, if you are contemplating digging the garden?

  6. WoG - no snow - temps suddenly shot up about 10 degrees, and that combined with rain, did for it in about 24 hours. Thank heavens. We may get more today, "they" say, but it won't last long. The blue snow . . . my dad used to paint and he did a copy of a Monet (or Manet?) painting of a magpie on a gate that was a snowy scene and he said there was barely a stroke of pure white in it . . .

    MM - My creativity is saved for my x-stitch at the moment, and I am so enjoying that again. I spent yesterday in the garden and that has got me feeling so much more positive.

    Aromatic - you have had such a stressful time of things, you need make no excuses for not blogging.

    Rowan - no fog here, we had that last week. Today we have grey clouds again, so rain due if nothing else.

    Al - I see you have had inspiration over on your blog anyway!