Thursday, 21 January 2010

Honey! Don't jump!

Open a window, and look what happens?! We had to swiftly remove Honey and shut the window . . . Obviously being dressed up in Batman's cloak yesterday has gone to her head!


  1. Maybe she heard you say something about making a cat flap and thought "you dont need to bother, just pass me my cloak and I can fly without flapping................"

    {Now I really am truly sorry about that one!!!}



  2. Cats love to "live dangerously." They don't beleive they have only one real life!
    We have had house viewers and Charlie is beside himself with pleasure. He gets underfoot, leans against any momentarily stationary person, flops on the staircase and then swipes at passing heads. It doesn't occur to him that he might not be considered irresistable!