Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Househunting . . .

Badminton House . . . a little out of our league, but anyway, it's not on the market!!!

I am getting a bit fed up with being housebound, and as it's too cold to do any of the jobs which have to be done before we can move, I have dedicated some time away from the fire to go house-hunting on line. The internet is making it SO much easier to go looking now, and the best bit of all is being able to look at an aerial shot of the property. That shows why about 80% of the properties have been on the market over the winter, and is quite an eye opener. One lovely house was virtually on the beach - wonderful - but the aerial view showed it SURROUNDED by caravans. Another idyllic cottage really had me keen to view (post-thaw) until I found it had factory farming next door - either pigs or chickens. Another had a grass-track for scramblers or similar, and another backed onto an industrial estate. Others were right on busy A-roads, part of a farm complex, or completely overlooked by other properties.

We have quite a demanding wish-list too, though I realize we will probably have to compromise on some of our wants, but OH will NOT forgo his big workshop, and I will not forgo a good sized garden and a big farmhouse kitchen like we have here. One I have been following since the back end of last summer is now, unsurprisingly, now under offer. Such a shame as I really liked it but OH wasn't quite so keen. Two others are still on the market though, and one I keep going back to, even though it is remarkably reminiscent of here and with 6 bedrooms it isn't REALLY downsizing! I know - don't shout. BUT it is ticking a lot of boxes and we could do the holiday lets as it's got annexe potential.

I spent yesterday looking at the Welsh Marches area below Shrewsbury and down to Ross-on-Wye, and sideways a little towards Worcestershire and back into Wales. A couple of promising places we would like to view, one of them a smallholding a little larger than this, but cottage very much smaller. Having driven through it several times recently, we are quite drawn to the Church Stretton, Long Mynd area of Shropshire, so will go and have a look.

Today I have been house-hunting in Devon and I have to say, that even OH has admitted that it is offering by far the best selection of suitable houses in our price range, and ticking a fair few boxes too. I would love to be on Dartmoor, but the best candidates are owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, so not only do you buy them you also have to pay an annual leasehold fee too . . .

I have even considered edge-of-village properties, though this is not ideal for the cats, and I am just looking to see what is on offer and whether a quiet back lane near a village would be an option.

So, there seem to be some interesting places about, even on the left-overs from last summer type market, so hopefully by the spring, the choice will really improve.

This is on the market in our price range . . . not sure if I can cope with running a busy teashop though . . . I fear I would soon get heartily sick of making cakes!


  1. This seems to be a good cold weather past time for those of us ready to move. Some of the places do look dreadful at any price!

  2. I have a large workshop and garden and not overlooked, if you want to come to Bucks! Only snag is, we only have the shell of a large farmhouse kitchen at present LOL We are still having the Wales/Somerset debate in our house...

  3. There we are Kath, we'll have to swop houses!!

    MM - so you're househunting too. Still Kentucky is it?!

    PakKaramu - welcome, and thankyou for calling by . . .

  4. After virtually no interests in this house after nearly a year, there have been back to back showings today and another scheduled for tomorrow. I don't do this well---and J's cat PUKED on the clean floors just as he left--think if I had departed the house also and viewers stepped in hawked up cat supper! ERRRR! [Yes, Kentucky is where we are looking on the internet.]