Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snowy walk today

OH and I had a walk up to the junction today, just to see how bad the roads were. They're bad. No chance of getting out at all as the snow has been compressed to an ice-slick like glass. I was hoping that we might creep out to Llandeilo with Honey to get her eye checked, but no chance.

As you can see, quite an appreciable snow fall yesterday and overnight too. I was glad to be wearing my walking boots . . . wellies might keep your feet dry, but not WARM! Our car wouldn't make it up this hill . . .

This is the more major lane to the A40 - impassible for us in our car, as it's a complete ice-slick.

The photogenic spot again.

The lane home, and a pretty scene - for walkers.

Down by the river, all was still, held in winter's thrall. The footprints below give you some idea of the depth of snow - probably 8" or 9" overall.

Blue snow in our paddock!



  1. Hullo BB,

    Lovely pics once again.

    I was caught by the sight of a field full of sheep turned to gold and black faces by the contrast with the white snow here today. Stunning but no camera unfortunately as I cant find my battery charger.



  2. I wish vets would let us keep a feline antibiotic on hand for such times as Honey's eye.
    I used to make a weak solution from powdered boric acid [probably has a more scientific name] and boiled water. It can be used to bathe an animals eye and cleanse away any matter that has formed.
    I hope you bought some packets of powdered milk on your Testco run--it is yuk to drink but good for cooking!
    I crept through the parking lot after work this afternoon, inched across the street to go into the bank--felt like a feeble old woman--afraid of going flat on the slick frozen stuff which has several inches of new snow on top. And I was wearing my snow boots!

  3. Glad you got to go out, anyway!

    Keep safe!

    Cw xxx

  4. It looks fab, we are also snowed in, cos Wirral does not do snow... so no resources, hopefully you have all the supplies you need, keep warm xxx

  5. Gorgeous pictures! Not so gorgeous to have to live with when you are snowed in and need to get out to places.. such as the vets for Honey! Must be very worrying for you as their is obviously no improvement....
    Love Jane xxx

  6. Still beautiful out there. Off for a walk uphill in a moment with OH riding shotgun! Camera in hand . . . if it looks unblocked enough for the milk tanker to come down it we will take to the fields instead - don't wish to meet HIM in the canyon . . .

    Anne - gosh, even the Wirral has snow! You normally escape this bad weather.

    MM - so do I - it would be a lot better for cats and me, who worries herself witless. No boric acid in the house, sadly . . . Plenty of wet milk, but used what dry I had making Christmas pressies for the girls (ready to use Chocolate drink).

    Aromatic - I just won't let myself worry about Honey. Eye seems better, but not totally healed. It just . . . is. No chance of getting out for probably another week as more snow forecast on Sunday - a heavy fall by the sound of things too.

    CW - I hope you don't have a fall again now it's so icy. keep warm

  7. Really Beautiful photos
    I wish I could send you some yaktraks for you and studded tires for your car
    There is an art to walking/running on ice that took me quite a few winters to aquire...(complete with painful lessons) it's something to do with a short stride and flat foot placement I think..if that doesn't sound crazy and when the ice is thick and wet you have to wear yaktracks or something similar.
    I chicken out of driving in winter here and give my husband lots of elbow room's a real skill even with studs
    there is an essential pause at green traffic lights when it gets bad when you wait to see if the drivers can stop for the red and occasional they slide right on through with an embarrassed wave...sounds daft I expect

  8. Val - have just put yaktraks on my Christmas list for next year! (Just have to find out what they are first though . . .) Next Door has offered to loan us his Landrover to get into town. Blimey . . .

  9. We've had an incredible amount of snow here. More than I've ever seen and it's making life pretty hard here for many people. I'm grateful for store cupboard and emergency supplies as it could get quite desperate for some families. A couple of school parents commented that they only had food for a couple of days!

    Take care and stay warm, all of you.