Monday, 25 January 2010

Just another day

A repeat of a recent photo as I can't find the file which has other M. room photos in it . . .

Nothing exciting happening here, just painting the room which was called the Morning Room on the house details when we first viewed this house, over 22 years ago now. For years we have had it a pale primrose yellow, but a rush of blood to the head saw us choosing a real deep lemon yellow this time - very much a colour belonging to the Georgian palette and since this room is mostly dating from the early Georgian period, it works very well. I was cursing the height of the room as I teetered, paintbrush in hand, on the ladder today. A ladder, I might add, which was teetering itself as the floor is so uneven in there and I had to put a block under one leg before I dared to climb it. I have just about done all the walls bar the bits which are having minor repairs done to and hopefully I will have enough paint to finish. There are some other jobs to finish off - rubbing down a couple of bits that needed Polyfilla, touching up the woodwork (hope I can get more of that colour rf I will have to do the whole lot again!) and OH has to make a length of wooden dentilled coving to replace some which was damaged in the past and removed in renovation work. THEN we can get the carpet laid. The roll of carpet for this room (and some to spare) has been sat in there for about 10or 12 years now, since we bought it at auction . . .

Below is a beautifully embroidered (but with the cotton base perishing) tablecloth which I hope to carry on restoring. I have some very fine old needles specifically for cotton darning, but boy, is it a labour of love. Still, someone spent many many hours creating it in the first place and I think it deserves some TLC now. Sadly it is much-faded. The bottom picture shows the back and a hint of the colours as they were originally - probably in Victorian times - dark navy blue and a deep peach. Whoever made it was a very fine needlewoman indeed.


  1. The room is going to look very nice, and I like both yellows! Old embroidery is so nice and does deserve a second chance I think. I use alot of old embroiderys in my quilts, that way I can discard the worn out bits.

  2. I agree, folks are too quick to throw things away nowdays and not repair and restore. This pretty piece must have been loving worked on by the original owner. Do you know anything about it's history?

  3. Kath - no, it just turned up a car boot sale and I paid a pound for it, so probably came from someone's granny when she died.

    Goosey - I have a PILE of embroidered things, some of which I will happily remodel into something else, but am just a bit lacking in the time department right now . . .