Sunday, 17 January 2010

Something I've actually FINISHED!

This is a pretty little x-stitch design, along the lines of the beautiful illustrations from the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, which was in a x-stitch magazine I bought this month. It was supposed to take 8 hours to sew, but I am certain it took nearer 12 or even more . . . I still have my original (1970s?) CDOAEL book, her biography, and the spin off x-stitch design booklets and I can see me returning to the latter soon as I fancy doing a wild bird picture. Mind you, the ones I would REALLY like to do are in the rather pricey and lots-of-effort Eva Rosenstand catalogue. Perhaps when we have moved, I may treat myself to a kit from there. I like 'Winter Birds' and also the cone-shaped bird table as that pictures all the birds I've been feeding recently. (If you go to their website, click on products, and then click on Kits, and then click on the bird picture, that will take you to the page of bird design.) I have always loved the cottage with the hollyhocks picture, but that's about a year's sewing I reckon (and a year to save up to buy it!)

This is the Devon Village x-stitch "work in progress". I'm quite pleased with my progress, but it's going to be quite a long-term project.

This is a book which was only three pounds something in the closing down sale at Borders. I just wish we'd got there the first day they really reduced the books, as I'd have bought several more from the craft section I'm sure. It is full of good ideas, and focuses on "retro" materials which you might pick up from charity shops or car boot sales. I have a feeling it will end up going to Eldest Daughter who is very into anything "retro". My Middle Daughter doesn't sew (yet . . .) and is busy in her final year at University.

One of the illustrations showing a little sewing bag made from a pretty retro pattern material. Makes me want to start sewing straight away!

Before I forget (again!), a special thank you to Spottydog, for the kind comments that she sent me with her Christmas card this year. Please keep in touch - perhaps you could open a blogger account just to comment?

I haven't forgotten the recipes from yesterday. Back later.


  1. Nice work, it's exciting to see this grow. I look forward to following your progress.

  2. Beautiful cross stitch, Jennie :)
    The food looked scrummy in the previous post too, you are such a good cook and I can say that so sincerely :)

  3. That cross stitch looks pretty Jennie,makes me want to do some, used to do the Erhmann tapestries, but they got expensive to. Can you actually buy something from the Eva Rosenstand catalogue in this country, I can't see any prices...

  4. Thelma - you can buy the catalogue at £5 a time - click on the Catalogue link on the main page. My local sewing shop also has a copy of it and you can buy from that. Don't know if other shops offer the same deal. They're not cheap though - one of the bird table ones I liked was £50 in 2006 . . .

    Yarrow - those biccies are DIVINE! I used to think I was a fair cook, until my uncle Pete (a chef on the liners back in the 60s) came to stay and his "What exactly are you DOING?" took away all my confidence (I was combining fat into flour with a fork).

    Kath - I'm on another little easy project today - a little fob to attach to my scissors, which I lose at least twice an evening . . .

  5. I love all your sewing projects and I can see that the cottage cross stitch will be lovely. I too have those cross stitch books of the country diary and went through a phase of doing lots for presents.