Saturday, 2 January 2010

Snowed in!

Snow photo taken yesterday night.

To be honest, we were snowed in after the first flurry around teatime yesterday, as without any grit in the bin at the top of our hill, trying to get out would have been difficult even then - as return UP the hill would be impossible. Think Cresta Run here . . . In the event, we have had about 3 inches of snow and whilst it is very beautiful, I am a little worried that this is going to go on for a week or more and then we will have to try and walk to the nearest shop for fresh fruit/veg and cat biccies (about a 7 mile round trip). Still, have walking boots and rucksack, will travel . . . Mind you, plenty of neighbours have 4x4s so will doubtless give us a lift if they're going to town. All the time we had our 4x4 we never had to use it in anger, then we sold it and have had two snowy/icy winters on the trot!

As I walked up the hill this morning, the sun was struggling to break through the clouds.

View across the fields with the mist lifting a little.

Our copse with a glimmer of sun through the trees.

Down by the river, looking upstream (especially for Yarrow, whose favourite spot this is). The slate slabs along the riverside looked like they had been dredged with icing-sugar.

Down by the river, looking downstream.

View across our paddock from the half landing window.

Morning's Minion is probably reading this and thinking, for heaven's sake, that's just a wee bit of snow to be making all that fuss about! Ah, but we have it so rarely, so we are never prepared and the Council goes to stick its head in a sack and pretends it won't happen, as then they can save money by not gritting in advance . . .


  1. Beautiful pictures. For us, the snow appeared this morning as if someone had just dumped a sack-load over us. We need snowploughs I reckon, gritters just turn it all to brown mush.

  2. Yes, we've had another snowfall today too - enough to stop our lovely visitors coming down from Yorkshire tomorrow. Your photos are just wonderful BB, so evocative. I hope you manage to get out soon - before you run out of cat biscuits!!

    Willow x

  3. Fabulous photos! Our snow in Bucks, was gone by Christmas day. We have had some spectacular frosts tho.

  4. ps.. thanks for your comment on my Blog. I did laugh about what you said, I always think it's like having a bag of scaffold poles on your lap! :D

  5. Actually I'm thinking that white clingy mist looks a lot like the weather we've had the past week. More snow here to be sure, but if its enough to cause driving difficulties, it is more than enough!
    Milk and eggs are what might run short in this house during a bad storm--there are staple foods in the pantry. A prolonged power outage would mean cold food unless we wallowed down to the old barn and started the wood stove in there.
    I'm not adventurous--rather spend stormy weather holed up with a book and a lap full of cats.

  6. What fabulous photos, especially those down by the river, just magic. We had a couple of days snowed in last week but I always rather like it, particularly when I have a full pantry and a full freezer!

  7. EM - Along by the river is always photogenic, especially that pic upstream, which is every photographer's dream. There is always someone parked up by the gates to the hall, toting their camera across the lane for a shot!

    MM - we have woken up to another sunny snowy morning. The idea of the book and the lapful of cats has great appeal, but first I HAVE to make bread as it is getting low, and I fancy making a Honiton Apple Cake. We'd be OK for milk and eggs, as both "grown" locally, so I could walk over to the dairy with a jug or "walk for eggs". . . The cat food is more worrysome as we would have to take a rucksack apiece and walk to the animal feed store at Wern - though that's a beautiful walk.

    Kath - "bag of scaffold poles" indeed! They're all angles : )

    TWW - I have some more pics up my sleeve for todays posting. Snow really lends itself to evocative photos. I can remember my dad copying an impressionist painting of a Magpie on a gate in snow and he said there was hardly any true white in it. Looking out today, across the garden, I can see just what he meant.

    Sarah - I hope Next Door Farmer gets busy with his digger attachment on the tractor, but it doesn't seem to occur to him!

  8. Beautiful photographs... and I wish the snow would leave you alone for a wee while and come over our way... really long for some decent snow!!! But understand your frustration as now you have sold your 4x4 getting supplies is difficult!! Sounds as if you have the same typical luck as we do!!
    Thank god you have good neighbours who will help you out!
    As for Next Door Farmer... lets hope he gets his thinking cap on!!
    Wishing you well and think curling up by the fire with your gorgeous cats is the way to go at the moment!!
    Love Jane xxx

  9. Beautiful photographs. We've got much the same here - Narnia and the Cresta Run. Brian's gone to work in the 4x4 today and I sense trouble tomorrow when I need it back so I can take the girls to school and go to work myself. He'll have to get his own!